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The organizers of the exhibition for the first time trying to present and explore the twenty-year experience of Russian gender Arts

Today, 10 September, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Petrovka 25) will open the exhibition «ŽEN d'ART. Gender history of art in the former Soviet Union: 1989-2009 ».

One of the exciting story of post-Soviet Russia has become a gender discourse. The word "gender" and "feminism" appear in our vocabulary at the same time with the words "perestroika", "democracy", "pluralism". On the ruins of the Soviet system there art practices, which determined the new quality of public spaces - in particular, radical actionism, widely recognized and has already entered into history, art and gender, for the first time in this exhibition as an artistic phenomenon.

Adoption of the female gaze and the problem of interaction between sexes in the local contemporary art conjugate with the specifics of post-Soviet context. Soviet policy, by equalizing the rights of men and women, led to a leveling of androgynous sex differences in the society. This, however, does not contradict the presentation of the ideological space of femininity, understood by the parent function. This specific national context, to define the features of language, strategies and relevant gender perspectives of the Russian art of the nineties.

In the wake of general interest in gender-art in the early 1990's are formed and begin to actively work on the basis of university research organization "idiom" in Moscow and "Cyber-Femin Club" in St. Petersburg Center for the Arts at Pushkinskaya 10. They are an informal association of women artists and in the absence of institutional support for gender-art deploying active exhibition activities. In the long term collective exhibitions artists and artists of their personal projects reveals the growth of gender consciousness, the development of gender imagery and art.

exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first attempt to present and explore the twenty-year experience of the Russian art of gender, focusing on the stages of its short history. Museum space has to reconstruct the fragments of the most important exhibitions that also allows you to save the original context of representation of works in the perspective of the formation of gender language arts. The names of the sections of the exhibition, reflects the basic terms of gender art period presented: a masquerade of identities, gender boundaries, a reflection of cultural codes, exaltation of the parent, archeology, mental, and other vulnerabilities. Thematic divisions, coupled with the labeling of products of historical documentation makes the optics for better understanding of the gender dimensions of the artwork. The works of well-known artists and artists coexist organically with projects still remain in the shadows of history and together form a multi-faceted panorama of post-Soviet gender art.

The exhibition includes works by Natalia Abalakova, Seeds Agroskin, Anna Alchuk, Tatiana Antoshina , Anne Brochet, Vita Buivid , Irene Waldron , Svetlana Vickers, German Vinogradov , «Navy" (Anna Abazieva, Elena Kovylina), Ilona Gansovsky, Ludmila throat, Alexandra Dementieva, Helena Elagina , Anatoly Zhigalov, Larissa Rezun-Zvezdotchetov , Olga Ziangirova, Natalia Kamenetsky, Elena Kovylina, Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Konstantinova , Nina Kotel, Tatyana Liberman, Marina Lyubaskinoy, Natalia Mali, Alena Martynova, Bella Matveeva, Marilyn Monroe (Vladislav Mamysheva Monroe ), Liza Morozova, Tatyana Nazarenko , Irina Nakhova , Anastasia Nelyubin, Marina Obukhova, Maria Ovchinnikova, Marina Perchikhina, Tatyana Petrova, Vera Sazhina, Aidan Salakhova , Vicki Samoilova, Oksana Sarkisyan, Tatiana Spasolomskoy, Olga Tobreluts , Natalia Turnova , Olga Florenskaya, TNF, Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya and Olga Yegorova (Gluklya and Heron), Tatiana Hengstler, Faith Khlebnikov, Olga Chernysheva , the group" The Fourth height (Katya Kamenev, Galina Smyrna, Dean Kim), Mary Chuykova, Alena Shakhovskoy.

exhibition is open to the public from September 11 to October 31, 2010.

Source: rah.ru

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