Picasso at the Hermitage
ARTinvestment.RU   21 июня 2010

The Hermitage has opened large-scale exhibition "Picasso.

in the staterooms of the Winter Palace (East Gallery, Field Marshals Hall, Armorial Hall, Ground-line Hall, Halls Nadvornaya Galleries III floor of the Winter Palace) opened a large-scale exhibition "Picasso. From the National Museum Picasso, Paris ».

exposition is arranged in chronological order, allowing bukvalno year after year to trace the evolution of all of the great artist of the XX century by Pablo Picasso, from his early works, and ending philosophical creations of the last years of life. The wide chronological review, combining painting, sculpture, graphics and photos, called "Death Kasagemasa" small symbolic picture of 1901, in which Picasso depicts his closest friend, and ends with "Young artist", written in 1972, several months before his death. Covering all periods of the diverse activities and all areas where the apparent ingenuity of the plastic artist, the exhibition of the Paris meeting to fully represent the richness and complexity of the creative ways to master.

exposition is complemented by a section specially trained for Russia. It reflects the remarkable interweaving of the background and creative activities. In 1918 Picasso married the dancer from the troupe "Russian Ballet" Olga Khokhlova, which met in Rome while working on the ballet "Parade". Images of Olga and their son Paul, born in 1921, constantly present in the works by Picasso between 1917 and 1923 years. This is represented by a set of 50 graphic works and photographs, occurring mainly from the personal archive of Picasso. In particular, it includes projects for the Russian Ballet performances of Sergei Diaghilev's "Parade" (1917), "Tricorne" (1919), Pulcinella (1920), Cuadro Flamenco (1921), established in collaboration with the great Russian choreographer Leonid Massine, avant-garde composers Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, Manuel de Faley and writers, Guillaume Apollinaire and Jean Cocteau. In the sketches and layouts, decorations, curtains or clothing, these ballets appear at the intersection of space, time and motion as a laboratory to create "a comprehensive work of art" that goes beyond the traditional relations between music, dance and scenery.

largest monographic museum dedicated to the works of Picasso, the National Picasso Museum was established 1985. He keeps a set of works submitted to the State the artist's heirs in 1979. To create a comprehensive collection, fully reflecting the artist's work, they generously gave State the right to "first selection" from among the 70,000 pieces, stored in its various shops. In the same year the heirs gave works of art of Iberia, Africa and Oceania from the personal collection of the artist. Picasso's heirs, making sure that this collection has been retained as a whole, as entrusted to the museum some 200 000 units from the personal archives of the artist, allowing deeper study of his work. After the death of Jacqueline Picasso in 1986, her daughter generously gave to the State (1990) collection, especially enriched section devoted to the art of Picasso, 1960. As a result of two historical programs and twenty years of active procurement policies museum has now a unique collection of over 5,000 works of Picasso, who played a key role in the artist and make up the most comprehensive public collection of his works. This collection is an essential tool in reading the history of modern art and the creative process of XX century.

Picasso Museum , in 2008, temporarily closed for renovation, has formed a traveling exhibition designed to show in several countries around the world.

on display at the State Hermitage Museum presents about 200 works masters, including paintings, graphics and sculpture . In addition, viewers can see the picture books, photos and video and audio from the personal archive of Picasso, which enriches the show, turning it into an outstanding cultural event. All the exhibits give a complete and adequate understanding of the level and composition of the world-famous collection of her masterpieces.

The exhibition researcher illustrated catalog, which reflects the entire scope of experiments and search for Picasso and is the first edition in Russia, dedicated to meeting the Picasso Museum. Catalog anticipates opening address Mikhail Piotrovsky, director of the State Hermitage Museum, and Anne Baldassare, director of the National Picasso Museum, Paris. Contributors - Albert Kostenevich, Philippe Saunier, Tom breeches, Annabelle Tenez.

Curators - Ann Baldassare, director of the National Picasso Museum, Paris, and AG Kostenevich, chief researcher of the Department of Western European art of the Hermitage, Doctor of Arts.

exhibition runs until September 4, 2010.

Source : hermitagemuseum.org

PS On the just-concluded exhibition at Moscow's Pushkin Museum Picasso them. Pushkin read here .

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