"Pompeii. Secrets of the buried city "
ARTinvestment.RU   15 июня 2010

Today at the State Historical Museum presents "Pompeii. Mysteries of the buried city "from the collection the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Today, June 15, 2010, at 17.00 in the State Historical Museum (Red Square 1) opens the exhibition "Pompeii. Secrets of the buried city "from the collection of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

exhibition on the eve of the year" Russia - Italy 2011 "the Week of Neapolitan culture in Moscow. It was prepared by the National History Museum and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Association of Italian businessmen in Moscow with the participation of the Provinces of Campania and the support of the Embassy of Italy in Moscow. State Historical Museum, has Russia's largest archaeological collection of antiquities, including the monuments of all chronological periods from the Stone Age until the Middle Ages, examines such exhibitions as an opportunity to show the ancient archaeological sites from other countries and regions.

visitors have the unique opportunity to get acquainted with various aspects of life in the urban area of Mount Vesuvius destroyed 24 August 1979 AD eruption of the volcano. Most of the exhibits are items found during the excavation of XVII - XVIII centuries, Pompeii - one of the most significant monuments of antiquity in the world.

the first time in Russia will show 115 unique exhibits, originating from Pompeii, as well as from the nearby Roman cities, shared the sorry fate of the buried city - Herculaneum, Stabia, Boscoreale.

focuses on everyday aspects of daily life of different groups. For the first time brought a large collection of works of art: the frescoes on the walls of buildings, decorating the houses of wealthy citizens. They depict mythological scenes by local artists copied from famous works of ancient art, the magnificent lush gardens, landscapes and still lifes.

Among other equally interesting exhibits - a variety of gold jewelry and precious stones, utensils and tools made of silver and bronze, toilet articles, marble garden sculpture and fountains related to home improvement and garden.

aim of the exhibition is to discover one of the most significant monuments of antiquity in the world and attract attention to antiquities Italian region of Campania.

exhibition runs until August 15, 2010.

Source : Press Release GMM

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