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Contemporary artists create "sleeping area"
ARTinvestment.RU   27 сентября 2009

Today you can enjoy one of the most unusual and ambitious special projects of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - Exhibition-Installation "sleeping area"

Today, 27 September, opens one of the most unusual and ambitious special projects of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - Exhibition-Installation "sleeping area". It is organized by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Creative Union of Artists.

About 70 contemporary artists are preparing their versions of the beds for the project. From the ordinary iron bed, each artist will produce a unique art-object. Here and "Bed-Ezhednevnik" and "outlet", and "supermarket trolley", and "high-rises." Someone wants to make a wish on the bed "Desire" or take a chance to lie on the "bed of roses with thorns, barbecue on the" Beds-mangal ", look in the" Bed-Mirror ", or fly on a" Beds-Plane. There is a "Bed-grater," and even "mausoleum" is present ... What might be called a place to sleep, bed or sofa, or which do not be proper sleep - is to know and choose to spectators and participants of numerous performances, organized by almost every beds exhibition project. Which, incidentally, will take place in a very unusual, even for contemporary art exhibitions spot: over the streets Krasnodonskaya near metro station "Volga».

Open air draft "sleeping area" continues the tradition of the famous European Biennale and festivals - to turn the streets into objects of art, transforming the city and engaging in an aesthetic experience of its inhabitants.

I must say that this conceptual project, installation of more than just "falls" into the overall theme of this is already the third, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the theme of which is formulated as follows: "Against the exception. Delete Commuter town of metropolitan life, including cultural, certainly does not.

From the fence to the bed ... (date critic Fedor Romer on the project):

If the issue of the Moscow Biennale declared as a democratically-extensively - "Against Exclusion" - that is, of course, in this unbridled range should be included and the scope of their stay in such a specific entity that is in Russia's megalopolis called "sleeping district. It is easy to hold an art intervention in the museum halls, disrupting academic immobility, or ask the gallery owners push the sterile walls of the "white cube", wanting to enter the area. But you would be able to play Nocturne in neudobopriemlemyh piece of iron beds in front of a fence near the metro station "Volga»?

In the project "sleeping area" artists Marina Zvyagintseva , Sergey Denisov, Ivan Kolesnikov, in this case are not only authors, sponsors, and curators, organizers, it is important social component. They are inviting colleagues to go out, the specific malosimpatichnuyu street, the main decoration of which is the fence. On it, and before him any local phantasms are the same bed, transformed into artifacts. There is a sinful temptation to interpret the work of seven dozen members of the project as a literal materialization of dreams slum street. Krasnodon and its environs. But the majority of authors here have never been, the notion of "sleeping area" for many is merely ephemeral idea of using the utilitarian bed, if not born in a dream, just on paper.

This is a challenge to traditional genius loci become known resident Zhulebino Marina Zvyagintsev, opened a gallery of modern art and break down ideas about the marginal spaces as some kind of cultural vacuum. Hence arose from three artists shared the idea of the urban project "sleeping area", which aims to bring the art of "the people" and learn other outdoor spaces, even though the border, locus. Leitmotif (or, rather, the material, "homework" for participants - from young to the well-known) was a bed as a topographical signs. The sleeping area is merged with a fence defining semiosis region with the symbolic name "sleeping area».

In Russia's culture was "Petersburg text" (thanks to V. Toporov). Now there was a "suburban text, written collectively, with enthusiasm, in the fresh air. Addressed to the general public with the explicit aim of his reading. For this it needs to go from the bed to the fence. And then the social component of the project will fly only to the enlightened guests Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Exhibition-installation works until November 1, 2009.

Source : Press Release of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

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