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In New York, an exhibition of jewelry work of Alexander Koldera
ARTinvestment.RU   09 января 2009

The great American modernist known not only for its light sculptures-Mobil and the giant structures, stability, but also exquisite decorations, most of which he did for his beloved wife

New York's Metropolitan Museum of an exhibition of the great American modernist Koldera Alexander (Alexander Calder, 1898-1976). This artist is known primarily for its kinetic light sculptures - Mobil, as well as the huge metal structures of bright colors - is stable. Kolder also paint, creating works of visual thought and original jewelry. It is the latest deals and exhibition in the Metropolitan.

As Alexander Kolder treated family and marriage? Some assumptions can be done by looking at the necklace called «jealous husband», which the sculptor created in 1940. This is not mere decoration, but a real armor, from which protrude long spikes - nothing less than «necklace loyalty». «Jealous husband» - just one of the killing of exhibits at the exhibition, which represented 90 ornaments Koldera.

A total of his life the artist has created about 1 800 jewelry. Some of them are exhibited for sale in galleries, but most were as a gift for Koldera wife, Louise, relatives and friends.

The very first artist to decorating has made as early as 1906, at the age of eight. He selected a piece of metal on the street and did the original bracelets, brooch and a necklace for his sister's dolls. Kolder often creating jewelry in the 1920's - 1940's. Later, when the artist began to receive large orders for mobilization and stabilization, the production of jewelry pushed aside.

to create jewelry for friends, such as Peggy Guggenheim (Peggy Guggenheim) and the wife of surrealist Joan Miro (Joan Miró), Pilar (Pilar Miró), Koldera inspired various amusing facts. The exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, you can see big earrings with буковками that develop in the sentence A bas la Méditerranée - «Down with the Mediterranean». As a member of the Paris group Surrealism decided to make a provocation: all of them had to do something epatazhnoe. Surrealist walked around the city and shocked the good Parisians - such as Robert Desnos (Robert Desnos) said the priest «Hello Madame», Leyris Michel (Michel Leiris) insulted the policeman, and Paul Elyuar (Paul Eluard) roamed the area and Oral «Down with the Army! Down with France! ». Shy Miro provoked public much more modest: he simply approached people on the street and politely told them «Down with the Mediterranean Sea!». Other surrealist, of course, thought his trick was not revolutionary, but Miro argued that because the Mediterranean Sea - the cradle of western culture, in fact, he said «Down with all !».

Another legend is connected with a silver brooch in the form of a rabbit, which was donated by the wife of American writer Malcolm Kaul (Malcolm Cowley). A writer has a habit to stick out from the window of his bathroom to podstrelivat of guns rabbits, nosivshihsya in the garden. «Wear it - according to the news, said his wife Kolder Caughley. - Maybe it will save a few animals».

Most jewelry Koldera, however, are unsuitable for use. They are both beautiful works of art, their elegant shapes fascinate as much as moving air in the finest sculptures, mobiles - but to wear them, they are too big and heavy. In particular, the ridges are made of brass wire, are so massive that more sound like knives, rather than on the jewelry. However, this weapon is incredibly delicious.

Some works suggest that the artist is very fond of «primitive» art. For example, at an exhibition at the Metropolitan presented thick necklace, reminiscent of African beads made of bones.

Looking at all this splendor, you know how much the artist was fond of his wife, and it is understood - one of the strongest impressions of the exhibition. Kolder married Louise James (Louisa James) in 1931 and lived with her until his death in 1976. A box filled completely brooches and rings, which the artist granted to his wife for birthday parties and various anniversary. The most impressive jewelry that Kolder has created for his Louise - copper bracelet with the letters «Medusa», made in 1929 (Medusa - a nickname that the artist gave his future bride because of her magnificent hair), and silver necklaces of 1942, Section which is similar to the rays. A woman that had this necklace, it was the artist for the sun, the center of his universe.

Koldera Exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum will run until 1 March 2009.

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova

Source: online.wsj . com , artinvestment.ru

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