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Krokin Gallery presents «House of Artists» Leonid Tishkov
ARTinvestment.RU   18 сентября 2008

In Krokin Gallery until October 5 last exhibition of the artist Leonid Tishkov «House of Artists»

Designer Leonid Tishkov - a poet and storyteller. Thanks to his fantasy world filled up our incredible creatures: dabloidami, Stomaki and ZHVH - a «living in the trunk». For many years, the artist writes the history of his characters, draws pictures, writes books, film, and makes plays. But his exhibition «House of Artists» he not devoted to these creatures, and environments in which they are created.

Initially intended simply to show new paintings by Leonid Tishkov. The artist was preparing for the exhibition and wrote the picture and posting them on the wall of his workshop next to the previous works. Above his couch, the rug, between the hours of picture postcards and familiar, even as the root. So when they met at an exhibition, then were unable to leave their old friends: prodavlenny sofa and a pillow on which lay, and saw in a dream of many countries, there are the artist's head. Dolls boy poshituyu of old clothes. Cozy dabloidov silk, velvet land divers. Viennese chair, slap paint (he used it instead of easels), a table with books and a lamp, illuminating the painting.

And much more that can be found in the house of the artist, led, pulled a string of pictures ... Although ... «What they all have the right?» - Will tell you.

Who needs to wear this hat, and his father's mantle, and shoes-«weevils», lost buttons, a microscope and a broken bookcase? Maybe this is the same jewelry, which is the true artist's universe, in which he lives and writes their fantastic stories. Everything that surrounds it all, what he touched, moved from place to place, joining in the bizarre combination of both, it was his divine nature. All this helped to invent and re-painting of emptiness.

That is why they did not want to leave their old friends and invited them to his exhibition. Not everyone, of course - the whole house not zapihnesh in the gallery - but even the smallest of them.

Now the exhibition is a little house of the artist and the audience will come to the gallery as guests of Leonid Tishkov. Sit on the couch, polistayut books, watch TV, popyut tea cups from the author, and the rest will go next. And the picture? And that picture? They let me hang and merry eyes. To ensure they are hanged on the wall.

«These boots, dissecting the darkness. Those who, for example, do not fear the night », - reveals an artist. His miracles, Leonid Tishkov built from such simple things, like old shoes, and such ephemeral, as the light. But there is nothing for the rights of those things needful and closer. «We can not understand themselves, if not the world».

In the light of milk a month, that is, resting in his studio, the artist clearly sees poetry in the most ordinary objects. «I just casually opened the kitchen cupboard, and it sprinkled pasta, and so inspired that I realized: this can be a work of art», - tells Tishkov. From spaghetti grew utopian city Solntsestan - celestial ladder Nikolai Fedorov and arhitektony Malevitch . Of the domestic and everyday got sublime and abstract.

few people do without socks, but even more rare knows that socks protect the human soul in that exciting moment when she goes to heel, and knit for the bag. «Of course, not just to be clear that this is out of socks. But the will is written, that goes a hundred and ninety-socks painter », - has continued to Tishkov. From the artist left sock and Dabloid - the oldest of tishkovskih creatures: «Dabloida I built out of socks, and only then, he has gained an autonomous existence».

A doctor by training, Leonid Tishkov loves anatomical metaphor. Autonomous beings in the world have become not only a human leg and stomach, but also the heart of the artist. «You see how I became an artist. Therapist. This is Joseph Beuys said that he was a therapist. But it is thought, but I really », - smiles Tishkov. In confirmation of this fact, the artist even brought in his gallery Krokin medical diploma. All September, his house will stay there. Total installation - «House of Artists». «Combined sofa, place a common history, rugs, they have become one family, they are difficult to divide», - adds the artist.

Around the sofa and put the rest of his artist's world: «Long live the artist, many working around the world cheat, like satellites around the planet». A relatively new satellites Tishkov planet - people, bags, but Dabloid has become an independent planet, separated from the author of the myth. The latest on the creation of art objects in the exhibition «The House of Artists» - the starry sky in the boxes from under the shoes and the reflection of the Caucasian War. Line Mountain povisshie to create a thread soldiers.


«Theme tenderness, lightness, ephemeral, poetry and a balanced, fragile peace. Oborvesh nitochki -, and collapse of Mount », - believes Tishkov. About defencelessness world, he speaks the language of poetic metaphors, in their native language for him.

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