Yuri Zlotnikov in the Russian Museum
ARTinvestment.RU   13 июля 2008

The State Russian Museum exhibition of works by continuing contemporary artist Yuri Zlotnikov, which represented about two hundred works of painting and graphics

In the Russian Museum hosts retrospective exhibition of famous painter of Moscow, Yuri Zlotnikov, which represented about two hundred works of painting and graphics.

During the war, in 1943 the artist Yuri Zlotnikov started teaching at the Moscow city art school at the Academy of Arts USSR. After graduation worked as an artist-designer to VDNKh, was trained at the Bolshoi Theater, worked as a book illustrator in the Moscow publishing houses.

In 1950 Zlotnikov created a large series of drawings, consisting of hundreds of pieces, which he called the «Alarm System». The artist studied the nature of art, he studied the mechanism and specificity of the reaction on the subject of color and form.

In addition to abstraction, Zlotnikov involved and figurative painting. He created the «social» ( «Gorky Street») and critical ( «Dining. Balakovo») picture. In these works the artist explored the social reality.

unusual against the backdrop of the early art of the 1960's are self-portraits the artist. For its time it was very insolent both in terms of image, and the manner of performance. In a number of pieces of the artist, the moral taboo breaking the Soviet era, presented himself naked, does not gloss over his body.

1960-70-s Zlotnikov with the same activity as the schedule and worked as a painter. In the 1970's of Psychophysiology «signal», he moved to metaforike large spatial compositions. Zlotnikov made a lot of utopian attempts to introduce them to open the fundamental laws of color and formal impact of the construction and design - down to the development of interior space shuttle.

Now the artist is working on cycles «The design and structure», a view which, in his own words, is the search for «a logical synthesis between the beginning and the beginning of sensual», in order to express the «dynamic balance of the world».

The Art of Yuri Zlotnikov primarily interested in what is an example of the interaction of art and science, reflecting the trend of close communication «physics» and «lyrics», a typical 1960-m years, and now resurgent.

exhibition in the Marble Palace in Saint Petersburg last until August 19, 2008.

Source : www.rusmuseum.ru , www.museum.ru

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