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The results of the Auction № 329

New left hand 10 lots totaling about 5 million rubles

329-й AI Auction passed without incident, in the normal operational mode. For the week, the auction sold 10 of 30 lots in the catalogue, purchased the lots at this time will go to Moscow and Kharkov.

the Average price per sold lot more than 30 % exceeded the results of last week and amounted to more than 490 thousand rubles. With 80 % of the proceeds of the day provided top-лоты our 329-го directory.

the three most expensive lots of the week includes scenic composition "view of the city on the Danube (From a trip to the theatre of war Russian-турецкой war)", created by Petr Petrovich Vereshchagin in 1877-1878, painting "Girl in yellow (Olga)" (1957) brush Nadezhda Udaltsova — sketch for the painting "Youth" and "Composition" 1930-х years artist of the week Vera Ermolaeva. Special mention is the song "Brush" in the hands of Yuri Cooper.

for More detailed results for individual lots, as always, published in the informal private instagram.

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Some price the results of the auction may 15, AI Auction, without their 18% PHOTO 1 VERESHCHAGIN Pyotr Petrovich (1834-1886) view of the city on the Danube. (From a trip to the theatre of war Russian-турецкой war). 1877-1878 oil on Canvas. 26,5 × 53,3 (light) Price: 2 750 000 2 PHOTO UDALTSOV Nadezhda (1886-1961) the Girl in yellow (Olga). Study for the painting "Youth". 1957 oil on Canvas. 90 × 59 Price: 800 000 PHOTO 3 YERMOLAYEVA Vera (1893-1937) Composition. 1930-е tempera on Paper. 9,4 × 20,3 Price: 350 000 PHOTO 4 COOPER Yuriy Leonidovich (1940) Brush oil on Canvas, metal, bristle and mixed media. 100 × 100 Price: 300 000

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Next, 330-й catalog of the Auction, as always, will be open for bidding on Monday, exactly 12 days. Participants will showcase the work of Boris Kustodiev, Yuri Annenkov, Natalia Goncharova, David Shterenberg, Nikolai Isaev, Yuri Cooper, Anatoly Zverev, Viktor Kazarin, Mikhail Roginsky, Vladimir Yakovlev and other interesting items.

at the same time will open the XVI the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art". In the Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Marina Demcheva, Yuri Izosimov, Julia Kartoshkin, Dmitry Kedrin, Igor Kislitsyn, Sergei Smurov, Horowski Yuri, Yuri Shabelnikov.

All — thank you! Take care of yourself and be healthy! Waiting for you at online-торгах of the Auction!


We continue to make paintings and drawings (original and lottery) to our regular weekly auctions. About his desire to put the thing on the auction AI write [email protected] or call: 7 (495) 632-16-81. Rules of submission for auction AI can show sdes.

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Auction sale in AI Auction

﴾Первые имена﴿ МАВРИНА Татьяна Алексеевна (1900‒1996) Каменка. Рогачёвское шоссе. 1980 (27,4 × 34,4 см)

Current bid150000 RUB
End time2024-07-26 12:00
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ШВАРЦМАН Михаил Матвеевич (1926–1997) Летящий Сион. 1971 (44,5 × 34,4 см в свету)

Current bid20000 RUB
End time2024-07-26 12:00
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ЩЕРБАКОВ Борис Валентинович (1916–1995) Вечер под Звенигородом. 1988 (40 × 50 см)

Current bid35000 RUB
End time2024-07-26 12:00
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