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Open 329-е the Auction and 15-й curator's auction "XXI century"

The master catalogue — 30 lots: fifteen paintings, five original leaves and one — printed graphics, five works in mixed media, two sculptures, one porcelain composition and one work, executed in the technique of giclee — digital printing

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 329 XV curator of the auction "XXI century".

Lots 329-го of the Auction presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

Lots XV curator of the auction "XXI Vek" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

traditionally Opens the directory section of Russian art the end of the XIX — the early twentieth century. mastery of the perspective and the transfer of illusory space features the works of academician of landscape painting Petr Petrovich Vereshchagin, the author of the canvas "view of the city on the Danube (From a trip to the theatre of war Russian-турецкой war)" (1877-1878). The — one of the top-лотов directory — refers to a series of Danubian landscapes depicting the places the most significant operations of the Russian army in the Russo-турецкой war of 1877-1878 created on personal impressions of the artist from travel to the theater of operations. The image of a railway passing along the banks of the river, gave the expert the opportunity to assume that "most likely, the author portrayed a segment Bender-Галацкой railway, built during the Russo-турецкой war (1877) for the smooth movement of Russian troops, the transport of provisions, ammunition, horses, and fodder." Bender-Галацкая railway with a length of 303 km was constructed in a record time — 100 days (from-за heavy rains during this period was only 58 full-time jobs ( — AI.). In 1878 at the world exhibition in Paris project and Executive album Bender-Галацкой Railways received the first prize-при and a gold medal for speed of construction. Perhaps it is the uniqueness of the road caught the artist and he came to your eyes to see it and to write.

the Following section of the catalog — creativity artists of the Russian Diaspora.

the shower cabin pattern Aleksandr Nikolaevich Benua "the Gentleman with the lute" made in 1905-1906 year, with engravings of Jean Lepautre (Le Pautre, Jean, 1618-1682) "estans Homme a la Promenade" (1676-1678). According to the expert, the work of artists working for French fashion magazines of the late seventeenth — beginning of the eighteenth century, was well known and loved by Alexander Benois, who wrote that the works of the masters, depicting "in a series of craft-тонких engravings intimate life of Versailles yard... priceless for the history of life and wear". In 1905-1907 A. Benoit worked a lot in the French libraries — such as the library of Versailles, with a large collection of engraved costumes. Obviously, at this time was made, and our drawing, which, together with other materials the artist used when working on historical research and in the design of the performances. However (experts emphasize) drawings "have all the hallmarks of the author's manner of A. Benois. <...> Filled with prints, they, of course, represent the author's interpretation of the source. The artist enlivens the printing equipment, returning a fresh feeling of the original image. The nature of the transformation of the source allows to understand the peculiarities of the formation of the plastic language of graphics A. Benoit, his amazing, distinctive drawing style rooted in the art of past epochs, keeping the "echo elapsed time"".

Theatrical graphics —ink drawing and sauce on the paper "a Spaniard in the mask. Costume design for the ballet "Gayeski" to music by E. Granados" (1940) — is in the directory work Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova. Spanish theme, as we know, the original card Goncharova. Throughout the Paris period (beginning in 1915), the artist has repeatedly performed sketches of scenery and costumes for plays on Spanish subjects. The expert notes that, referring to the design of the ballet "Gayeski", Goncharova "after the composer seeking inspiration in the works of Goya. She strives not for the styling, and the transmission in stage design of the atmosphere gajewska paintings".

Lithograph Les formes majestueuses (Majestic forms, 1963) Alexander porfiryevich Archipenko — sheet from the folder Les Formes Vivantes ("Living form"), containing 10 tracks and released in Switzerland in 1963, edition of 75 copies.

Replicable bronze sculpture "Fantasy" (1987) represents our members creativity Erte — symbol of beauty, elegance and purity of style ar-деко. Erte sculpture was carried away in the last period of creativity and were most often developed this technique in his graphic works of different years. In 1915, erté, by the time collaborated with the famous couturier Poiret Field and several fashion salons in Europe and the United States — "Henry Bendl", "Altman", "Liechtenstein", — has signed a contract with Harper's Bazaar magazine, which became the beginning of a long and extraordinarily fruitful cooperation: in the following decades Erte performed to log a total of 250 covers. The drawing for the cover of the July number of 1920 became the prototype of today's sculpture "Fantasy". Erte was sensitive to the possibility of material and technology and has managed brilliantly to embody in bronze invented 67 (!) years ago the image of a girl surrounded by butterflies.

the following section presents the work local artists 1920-50-х years.

Lithographs "bather" (1921) Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev, "apparently, is a trial impression of a print by B. M. Kustodiev hand painted watercolor — said. — On the composition of this lithograph repeats the scenic picture by B. M. Kustodiev, 1921. Lithographs "bather" was later included in the album of B. M. Kustodiev "Sixteen autolithography", published in 1921, with the assistance of the Committee for the promotion of art books in limited edition of 300 copies".

Tushev figure "Character (Composition)" Anatoly Ivanovich Shugrina dated to the years 1920-1925 — period of formal learning is still very young, but already fascinated by the art of the author at the art school-студии № 6 them. A. V. Lunacharsky Maryino district of Moscow. It is in school-студии Sugino was lucky to meet the teacher — wonderful wizard of Nikolay Mikhailovich Grigoriev, a graduate of the Moscow school of painting, a student of Nicolai Fechin, Abram Arkhipov and Konstantin Korovin. After school, Shugrin continued to learn from Grigorieva, enrolling in Moscow state College of fine art in memory of 1905, where he taught. Our drawing wonderful dynamics and balance of the composition, bravery and confidence of the graphical solution, it is visible handtalented and thoughtful artist. About the life and work of Shugrina, read our article "artist of the week".

"a Rare work of the Museum" the expert believes small pointless tempera "Composition" (1930-е) of Vera Mikhailovna Ermolaeva — artist, has lived a short, but very bright, filled with events, experiences, work and work life. "abstract compositions of this kind appear in the works of Vera Ermolaeva in 1930-х years, along with the compositions on ancient motifs, — writes V. S. Silaev. — Is usually small, intimate, philosophical leaves, which, despite its size, surprisingly capacious and filled with original author's poetics. Such abstract works, despite his coloristic restraint, surprisingly harmonious, elegant and noble in color. The artist is in many ways ahead of his time — such metaphysical work will appear in European art only in the second half of the twentieth century". About the life and works of Vera Ermolaeva read in our article "artist of the week".

Play "Mystery-буфф" on the play of Vladimir Mayakovsky chief Director of the Theater of Satire Valentin Pluchek staged in 1957 in the design , Alexander Tyshler, who created, in particular, a wonderful graphic "costume design" (1956) to this statement. Judging by owners ' inscriptions, the sketch was donated by the artist Lilya Brik, and it passed to the poet Andrei Voznesensky. Here's a poetic continuity in this small picture: from the hands of one who was a love and Muse of poet-громовержца and author of "Mystery-буфф" in 1930-х, — to ensure the voice didn't sound as loud, but bright, fair and square in 1960-х and also met the dreams and hopes of a whole generation.

Close and clear to the viewer painted in soft, warm shades of yellow and ochre colors in a realistic manner "the Girl in yellow (Olga)"(1957) — sketch for the painting "Youth" brush "Amazon vanguard" Nadezhda Andreevna Udaltsova. Portrait of a girl is almost finished and is very interesting is solved by the artist in conjunction Sunny shades of yellow in the palette of her costume and subtle psychology of the person: the girl seemed self-absorbed, but she's not brooding, but rather, focused.

Next, a large and luxurious on the composition section of the directory — the works of the sixties.

it Opens with an elegant bronze sculpture of "Fortuna" (1961) Nicholas A. Silis. The sculpture is made in the participation of the artist in the innovative group "Loess" (Lemport — Siddur — Silis), but signed with the name of the author. The beauty of women, the image of the female figure in the works Silis is huge, perhaps the most important dominant place. He is called the Creator of his own style of abstract image of female beauty.

In 1965 a large oil on paper "Cow (still life)" Anatoly T. Zverev. This interesting work is published and has a proven track provenance without time gaps, its authorship is confirmed by expert.

Gouache landscape "Bloody sunset" (1972) Lidia Alekseevna Masterkova — extremely rare for the artist figurative work, besides more and the landscape. A talented colorist, Masterkova in a small work conveys a huge range ofchanging colors of a departing winter sun. Landscape is a view from the window of the artist Nikolai Vechtomov, his inscription and signature on the back certifying authorship.

Work great from all points of view — undated canvas Brush work Yuri Leonidovich Cooper. One of the most beloved author of the — brush (such a kind of "portraits" brush Cooper made some — of different sizes, color and, most importantly, mood), a unique technique that allows to achieve the effect of light, comfortable size, decorative, elegance and beauty — in short, everything that is valued in the product purchased at the same time for investment and for the soul.

Porcelain of the sixties in the catalog is the sculpture "One cylinder" Oleg Nikolayevich Tselkova, made at the German plant Höchst Porcelain Manufactory limited edition of 15 copies (our copy number 4). "...the first time I accidentally "pulled" from the face "in the image and likeness" and saw "the FACE." My amazement knew no bounds. I wrote like a portrait, but not a portrait of a single entity, but a General portrait, all together in one person and — awfully familiar... face imprinted millions of years, mankind lived in the past. And the same — in the murky future..." — wrote Tselkov about the origin of the image, which took first place in all his work and, like many of the main themes and images of the sixties, naturally found its embodiment in porcelain. We were met by the same recognizable face and a dozen of household attributes of the world, which enjoys one thing only in order to clarify that it does not happen when-то where-то, and now with us, — cylinder, that is the hat.

Draw sheet in mixed media "Jack of Mayakovsky" (2014) Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin — is one of the famous nemuhinskie of omega. Using a famous image of the famous poet, the artist performed a consecration to him by means of his author's unique visual language.

In 2015, technology giclee printed circulation sheet "Carnivals" from the series "Carnival of St.-Петербурга" Mikhail Mikhailovich Shemyakin. On the theme of "Carnival St.-Петербурга" the author works in different techniques and formats: from the heavy paintings to small prints — for nearly three decades. "Carnival" has become over time an "encyclopedia" grotesques, based on a deep comprehension of the mysteries of human nature in its various misrepresentations, distortions and grimaces. Here, the artist gives particular importance to the plot, forcing the audience to reflect on the relationship between the characters and guess their drevneevreyskom the origin (

Giclee — is the author's print, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years not only among collectors, but also Museum workers. Its advantage over other lottery drawing that in this case, one product can have several variants of color solutions, and is often modified by hand. Our sheet printed a small edition of just 5 copies offered for sale signed and inscribed by author sheet number 3. A relatively new technique is gradually being recognized collectors and specialists (

Our sheet is accompanied by a Certificate of the Fund of the artist Mikhail Shemyakin (St.-Петербург). Given the amount of counterfeit and unauthorized works by Shemyakin in the market, it is a necessary document proving the authenticity and legitimacy of the work.

traditional complete catalogue of the work contemporary authors.

The earliest of them — canvas the path of the @sign mdas "V" (1993) Yuri Mikhailovich Scopula, the artist's Studio "New reality" Elia Belutin, party, Studio exhibitions, and subsequently one of the organizers of the group of "avant-garde abstraction". Today the works of Yuri Scopula are in the collections of the State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), State Russian Museum (Saint-Петербург), Hungarian National gallery (Budapest), in other museums and private collections.

In 2015, written on canvas "Escargot" Natalia Igorevna Nesterova. The artist leaves part of the picture of the sea, building a track in the background nice framing from the North the low hills, not showing the faces of the waiter (though stocky figure and dark hair give him as a native of nearby Corsica), and focuses all attention —, and the viewer — on a refined dish and glass of white wine, which certainly served escargot. A sophisticated and elegant composition.

Chronologically completes the catalogue collection is very beautiful and decorative work of "Cranes" (2018) Olga Nikolaevna Grechina, executed in mixed media, acrylic with collage elements.

Simultaneously with our regular 329-м AI Auction open 15-й auction of the project "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art". In the directory: Galina Bystritskaya, Natalia Glebova, Elena Gorin, Konstantin Kuznetsov, Sergei Maksyutin, Olga Motovilova-Комова, Vladimir Salnikov, Georgy Totibadze, Nina Shapkina-Корчуганова, Elena Shemetova.

All the best of luck on 329-м AI-Аукционе and XV auction, "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему.

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If the latter rate appears accompanied litters "Until reserve was 1 step", it means that making the next bet, you win the auction — unless, of course, who-нибудь, inspired close luck not interrupt yourthe last word. And always a shame when participants traded a few days and especially the last couple of hours excitedly before closing suddenly stop just one step from victory. If you feel that thing — is yours, so take this step!

fee from the buyer is 18 % of the final price of the lot.


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