Opened 291-е the Auction and curator's auction "Russian classics"
ARTinvestment.RU   13 августа 2019

Traditional twenty lots of the Auction — ten paintings, five original leaves and one — printed graphics, three works in mixed media and one porcelain plate. Plus 11 lots of "Russian classics"!

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue for the Auction AI № 291 and curator of the auction "Russian classics"

Opens the directory the only work of Russian artists Abroad.

the landscape Konstantin Aleksandrovich Veselova "the Cabin in the woods after a snowfall" (1920-30-е), according to the expert, "passed brilliantly the mood and condition of the snowy European landscape where-то near Chamonix. This is one of the most popular scenic landscapes Veselova that is its hallmark".

a Large section of works by artists of the twentieth century made up of works by Soviet painters and graphic artists.

Reveals it was created in 1920-30-е years, a small genre canvas "At the market" Benjamin R. of ages, a disciple of K. Yuon, Konstantin Korovin and S. Malyutin. Experts say that the work is characteristic of the Mature period of the artist.

Cardboard "After work" (1953) Fyodor Pavlovich Reshetnikov, according to the expert, "refers to the number of small jobs in warm colours and with a very free brushstroke and impasto, which Reshetnikov wrote and as sketches in their thematic patterns, and as independent films". The expert notes and interesting dynamics of composition ("the view of some, the prospect of a shallow wooden terraces covered with pile of autumn leaves"), and the characteristic precision "the posture and the gesture of a young woman podatkowa hem of the sundress and pokazyvaya scarf: home from work (talking about the author's name) will now have "second shift" — home cleaning".

To the series of portrait drawings Vladimir V. Lebedev, filled with charcoal in the 1933-1936 years, belongs to our "Portrait of Lelia S." (1935). Writes judge E. M. Zhukov, "V. Lebedev developed my individual style of performance in which the main role is played not by line, and masterfully blurred contours or spot. The outlines of the portrait are dissolved in the medium of light; fast pace of the picture, the contrasts compelling liveliness to the image".

Beautiful, air-filled small full-scale study "of the Lake Drisvyaty" (1948) Witold Kaetanovich Byalynitsky-Бируля refers to the later works of the artist; for them, typically, according to the expert, "some with slightly overcast nature, which creates a subdued coloristic palette, the combination of a grayish, cold blue gave on the horizon, and bright fresh herbs in the foreground".

the Beautiful and dynamic landscape, "untitled (seascape)" (1961) Victor I. Ufimtseva written on the edge of the land of water and sky. It all — movement: wind brings down the surf on the rocks of the embankment and breaks the waves into a myriad of particles of air dust, the wind blows across the sky, and the sunlight every moment paints them in new colors, the wind blows bright clothes few people. This beautiful painting was probably created in Yalta and shortly after in 1960, the city promenade decorated plastic corrugated fungi-зонтики caught in the seaside town of Moscow after the American exhibition of 1959, and rising above in the background of our picture. "Graceful plastic sheds specifically for the exhibition was designed by the eminent American designer George Nelson ... and ProfessorMassachusetts Institute of technology, albert Dietz. The height of the umbrellas — about six meters, diameter of the "cap" — a little less than five meters, and the thickness of the plastic material from which made construction, — only 1.6 mm" (source: and

Quite a different mood painted the landscape "the Last snow" (1962) by the outstanding Russian landscape painter Sergei Vasilyevich Gerasimov. The expert notes that it "field study in the technique alaprima transmitting the status of early spring with the remnants of snow between the trees".

Completes a section of the urban landscape "the Church of St. Nicholas in zvonari" (1975) Alexander Platonovich of Asevich — bright, clean work, in which is felt the cool autumn air, penetrated by the dim rays of the sun, receiveaudio on gold plates. "Autumn, my friends! Beautiful Moscow autumn!.." Gouache master of city scenery, Zecevic depicted located on Rozhdestvenka, in the heart of Moscow, the Church of St. Nicholas in zvonari, the first mention which historians date 1616. At the end of the XVIII century the temple was rebuilt, was repaired, restored, 1933-м — is closed, but, fortunately, not destroyed, in 1994-м reopened as the farmstead of the pühtitsa convent.

Two works belong to the artists of the Leningrad avant-garde — fine pencil "Composition" (1963) Yevgeny G. mihneva-Войтенко, and multi-color, bright geometric abstraction "Composition" (1982) Leonid Konstantinovich Borisov. Art Love Gurevich said of him "throughout the creative journey remains a minimalist. In pure geometric abstraction without the usual for Leningrad underground philosophical connotations. He is interested in geometric form, the combination of the two-трех forms itself as visual fact, as an event in space... the Delicacy and refinement of color solutions, the location of the shapes on the canvas allow for the utmost reticence to deliver a solid effect" (Love Gurevich. The Leningrad underground artists : Biographical dictionary. — SPb. Ed-во "Art —" SPB, 2007. P.26).

the largest section of the catalog traditionally consists of works of artists-шестидесятников.

a Real decoration of our catalogue is a most beautiful gouache with watercolor Anatoly T. Zverev "White sun of the" (1961). "Landscape "White sun" is in many ways unique early work of A. T. Zvereva, written in typical of his work of the late 1950-х — early 1960-х years expressive manner, — said. — Gouache powerfully written, expressive and characterizes Anatoly Zverev as a great painter-новатора. Randomly applied energetic brushstrokes and the mass of colors form a magnificent semi-abstract landscape. So to Zvereva did not work no one. We must remember that in the late 1950-х — early 1960-х years in Russia is extremely rare, as most of these items were removed and are in foreign private collections".

Next, not quite earthly landscape and overall a very unusual thing — "untitled (Composition with a male figure)" (1976) Peter Ivanovich Belenok. Very rare (possibly unique) technique work done on foil paperthe use of oil (in any case, our database of auction sales AI is nothing like that). Thing recognizable, with a distinctive author's collage and signature in the same style, which he jokingly called "panic realism".

a Large undated oil on canvas, "untitled (Composition with figure and horse in a frame)" Anatoly Stepanovich slepysheva refers to a number of works under the title "picture in a frame". On canvas the artist frames the Central composition picture frame — sometimes worked out in detail, sometimes (as in this case) look pretty sloppy. But this negligence is deceptive. In the Central of the composition the author of the recognized sentences: calm, measured pace of a man with a horse moving away from the viewer along the road, divided into equal parts Telegraph poles with hanging wires. Uniform rectilinear motion, is similar to the rest, the author balances the "frame" — violent, turbulent, swirling red-черным pattern (in which, however, traced the corners of the "frame" and black lines reminiscent of rhythm). Slepyshev was a true master of composition and a rare colourist, so we see in his picture of the striking wholeness, harmony and beauty.

Power and strength, energy and a strange feeling either fear, or amazement, or confusion combined in a small signature and dated etching "untitled" (1966) Ernst I. Unknown.

Big picture, "the Lovers" (1978) Vadim Abramovich Sidur is a felt-tip pen in one color and amazing clarity and smooth lines.

is Not dated, but presumably made in 1970-х work oil on Board "untitled (Abstract composition)" Igor Alexandrovich Vulokh — one of the best works of the artist from those that appeared on the Auction AI.

the Only work on porcelain — plate "the Joker" made in decal technique in 1990 by sketch Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin the mid-1970-х. "... the Beginning of the history of porcelain, created by paintings of easel-шестидесятников, lies in the last decade of the twentieth century, First in 1990, in Luxembourg at the factory Villeroy & Boch released a limited edition plates four sketches of Vladimir Nemukhin. <...>

<...> Boards with sketches made Nemukhin in the mid 1970-х years and hanging on the walls of his Studio, saw one of the visitors — the Ambassador of Luxembourg in the USSR. Taking pictures, he organized the production of a series of four plates in the factory Villeroy & Boch, which was released in 1990 in decal technique, faithfully reproducing the sketches, with all their incompleteness. The success was overwhelming. Plates "Tambourine", "ACE", "Jack of diamonds" and "the Joker" on projects of Vladimir Nemukhin began in 1990-м face-Villeroy &@Boch semicolon at the famous exhibition of new luxury goods... and immediately dispersed to private collections of Europe" (Victoria Petukhova. Porcelain as nepriglyadnoy art or another facet of nonconformism // Porcelain of the sixties: an Exhibition in Romanov gallery. M : Bonfi, 2012. P. 12). The plot of "JOKER" (Joker) was the third story in the series (the room of the story printed on the back of the plate), and it's safe to say that our plate was one of those that started this unique art — porcelain of the sixties.

the mixed complex author's technique made the lottery list "Tulip" (2000) Yuri Leonidovich Cooper. Spring flower in a tin like exists in a parallel world in Wonderland, created by the imagination and hands of artist.

a Printed sheet (etching, coloured lithograph, coloring) "Madonna Mosgaz" (2014) Oscar Yakovlevich Rabin presents us with a figure with a deep implication. It among the usual elements of Soviet life placed image, the icon. Variants of the interpretation of such a plot — a great many, and every connoisseur and lover of art, one of the leaders of nonconformism can solve this question by-своему.

In 2017, has written a large acrylic "Goblin revolution" of the modern artist Alexander Savko.

at the same time with our current auction at the same venue is open curator's auction "Russian classics". 11 beautiful works represent landscapes, genre painting, portrait and theatrical graphics.

In the section of landscapes collected "Sunny day" (1920-е — beginning of 1930-х) Boris Bessonov, "Sandy beach" (end of XIX century) Evgeny Eduardovich Ducker, "the river" (1907) Joseph Von Krachkovsky, "Evening. Ural" (1926) Leonid Viktorovich Turzhansky, Morskoy Priboy (1920-30-е) Ivan Schultze and "cloudy day" (1920-е) Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon.

the Only portrait in the catalogue's curatorial auction — etude "girl's Head" (1942) Pyotr Petrovich Konchalovsky.

In a string of genre painting of the "rural idyll" (1930-е) Alexei Vladimirovich Isupov and "Gulbene" (1900-е — 1910-е) Alexei Nikolaevich Tretyakov.

graphics Theatre presents "a Sketch of the costume of the dancer-гусара for the ballet by I. Stravinsky "Petrushka"" (1932-1933) Alexander Nikolayevich Benois and a sketch of a costume, "Ms. Riboedov" (1914) a Comedy by M. E. Saltykov-Щедрина "Death Pazukhin" Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev.

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have on Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

we Wish you all a good bargain and good shopping!

Fair market price level on the works of the authors represented in the catalog of this auction can be identified in the information database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU.

On the auction AI continues to operate a virtual party "Reserve price is not reached". He appears in the final minutes of trading, so that customers have the option to kill the reserve price (for those items where it is). In other words, if you see party "Reserve price is not reached," that is a reason to continue the fight — perhaps the victory is near.

If the latter rate appears accompanied litters "Until reserve was 1 step", itmeans that making the next bet, you win the auction — unless, of course, who-нибудь, inspired close luck not interrupt your last words. And always a shame when participants traded a few days and especially the last couple of hours excitedly before closing suddenly stop just one step from victory. If you feel that thing — is yours, so take this step!

fee from the buyer is 18 % of the final price of the lot.


We continue to make paintings and drawings (original and lottery) to our regular weekly auctions. About his desire to put the thing on the auction AI write or call: 7 (495) 632-16-81. Rules of submission for auction AI can show sdes.


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