"Russian enamel" 22 Jun: sold for 9.3 million rubles
ARTinvestment.RU   04 июля 2019

Best at the last auction of Russian and Western European art were sold porcelain, silver and jewelry

on the Sabbath of June 22 at the auction "Russian enamel" was held the traditional auction of paintings, graphics, icons and decorative-прикладного art. The real summer heat for most buyers had no choice but to haggle remotely — with cottages, beaches, air-conditioned spaces, etc. In the room (also air conditioned) for the entire hours of the auction has gathered more than a dozen people. But online joined by about 50 people. At the same time the number of purchases was not equal to phone the players: their share accounted for about 45 % of lots sold, while using the Internet has gone only about 15 % of the lots. Just sold 203 of 516 lots (almost 40 %) for a total of 9.29 million rubles.

Opening the auction section of fine arts was sold out at 23% by lots and 22 % in money. Revenue amounted to over RUB 3 million Top-лотом was the painting "the Meeting of Prince Igor and Olga" historical painter Vasily Sazonov Kondratievich (1789-1870). The future artist came from a yard serf of count N. P. Rumyantsev, who at his own expense sent his serf to study at the Imperial Academy of Arts (in the process of learning Sazonov "in respect for the talent" has received a will). The work presented at the auction, is the author's repetition, and the other "the Meeting of Prince Igor and Olga" is stored in the Tretyakov gallery. The hammer price was 1 million rubles.

other notable sales FROM-раздела note care "Female portrait" painted by Aristarkh Lentulov 700 thousand RUB Work late, 1930-х — beginning 1940-х without cubist techniques, but in a recognizable manner. The model for the portrait — artist Tatiana orange (1914-1982).

the Third top-лот art collection — large oil by unknown artist of the second half of the XIX century "fortune telling". Painting with a young woman in a black dress of a widow and an elderly fortune-teller was sold for 600 thousand. in the evaluation of 400-500 thousand rubles.

In the next section, devoted to religious art, bought 11 lots from are 30. The most expensive was the icon of our lady of Kazan in a silver and enamel oklad art Nouveau production of the First Moscow silver artel craft: full-time participant after a brief bargaining with the part-time rate, bought it for 350 thousand.

With a threefold excess of the lower estimate bought the icon "St. Gregory the Theologian and St. Alexander Roman" in salary, embroidered silver and gold threads decorated with pearls and rhinestones (Russia, 1896). This unusual icon was present on the day of the angel from the grateful employees there is no one "megapozitivny and kind master and benefactor," as evidenced by the inscription on the back. At the stated rating 70-85 thousand RUB bargain started with 110 thousand rubles by correspondence rate. In the fight two telephone players and members in the hall the winner was the last one. The hammer price amounted to 210 thousand.

One of the most successful was the section of silver jewelry, which has sold 50 % of lots 69 % of the estimate. The auction competition was played for the silver jardinière in the neoclassical style with mascarons in the form of heads of sheep production Swedish workshop of C. F. Carlman. Argued room, telephone, absentee bid. In the end a lot went to full-time party for 280 thousand rubles. (score 110-125 thousand rubles).

the Most popular section — jewelryjewelry — were sold in 56% of the lots (sold 9 out of 16 lots) and 79% for the money (revenue 755 thousand rubles). Original gold bracelet in the form of a twisted ring branch with strips guilloche enamel (presumably master ion bergström) got a phone player for 330 thousand rubles. at the start of 250 thousand rubles. And behind him the pendant in the art Nouveau style of production of the First jewelry cooperative in the dispute hall and two phones went to one of the phone buyers for 220 thousand rubles (estimate 120-125 thousand rubles).

a Representative section of China and glassware (142 lots) were sold out more than half the lots (76 sold) and 60% for the money. Top-лотом in thongs was a porcelain sculpture "the Dancer" by Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev (state porcelain factory put out, 1930-е): for it smartly traded three telephone and two full-time player until the price of the hammer is not reached 270 thousand. (score 55-75 thousand rubles). Bought a statuette of one of the phone bidders.

And the selection of glass products was of special interest to buyers of pair of glasses from the service "Eagle zalet", created for the Palace of Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov in Koreiz. The lot went to a telephone buyer for 160 thousand rubles (estimate 100-120 thousand rubles).

the Final section of the different works of arts and crafts made of bone, wood, bronze, malachite, etc. distinguished the successful sale of wooden carved icon case in the Russian style (score from 30 thousand, the price of 85 thousand rbl.), Japanese netsuke figures made of bone, pair of Chinese bronze sculptures of Lions-стражи etc.

This was the auction on June 22. And the next auction of Russian and Western European art held at the auction house "Russian enamel" very soon — on July 13.

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