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9 July 2019 London will auction "the Golden age of Russian literature. From a private European collection"

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the Scribe Anatoly Borovkov tells about the unique lots of the Russian book auction Christie's June 9. Chtite review site #Borovkov #kollekcionerov #Nizhnyaya #christies

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At the auction of The Golden Age of Russian Literature. A Private European Collection presented an impressive range of books range of books, described in the short-run catalogue "Lifetime editions of Russian writers of the XVIII — beginning of the XX century in the collection of Mikhail Petrovich Krasnov". The catalogue was published in Moscow in 2012. It contains illustrations and bibliographic descriptions of publications 464, performed by the Helen mountain — expert, accredited by the International Confederation of antique and art-дилеров.

To the auction, on 9 June, exhibited 121 lot. For bibliophiles this holiday: there will be a real rarity. Will list several lots that are of particular interest.

1. Chekhov A. P. "Tales of Melpomene" 1884: the first book of the world classic with the author's autograph. Auction $25 000-38 000. Described in the catalog Krasnov under the number 426, Fig. on p. 164. Besides it on the auction large range of Chekhov's work and, even with the autographs, but the prices are sometimes even lower than on the Russian auctions.

2. Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and punishment": first edition, 1867, estimate $19 000-25 000, in the directory Krasnov No. 149, Fig. on page 63.

3. F. M. Dostoevsky "Demons" 1873: the first and only during the life of the author edition, all three volumes in publishing the cover, which is a huge rarity. Lot with an estimate of $25 000-37 000. Represented in the collection catalogue Krasnov No. 152, Fig. on page 65. It is also interesting the first edition of 1874 novel "the Idiot" with a valuation of $19 000-25 000. Dostoevsky — classic of world literature, some of his works are in foreign schools. In 2021, the whole world will celebrate 200-летие from the date of birth of the writer, and I think the price of his first editions will increase.

4. A rare edition of the first book Afanasii FET's "Lyrical Pantheon", printed in 1840 year, the entire edition of which the author himself and destroyed from-за bad reviews from critics. Absolute rarity for the Russian market, but have no interest for the world of literature. His estimate of $25 000-37 000. I think that is unlikely to go away. Although it would be wrong. A very rare edition. I only once held in the hands, and that no two pages.

5. Gogol In. "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", the estimate of $88 000-126 000. In my opinion, unlikely to pass, but after the previous book Christie's Gogol became the champion prices. Probably buying Ukrainian collectors.

6. A. S. Griboedov "the Young wife", 1815. For the first time in the book of the author. Uncut copy in very rare engraved cover, which hardly anyone saw. A real collector's item, in the catalog Krasnov No. 76, Fig. page 39. The rating is acceptable, $5 000-7 500. In Moscow the worst copies sold is more expensive.

Finally, the "everything" — Pushkin! I think that allthe real buyers and collectors Pushkin is present in sufficiently full, because his magazines are always carefully gathered collectors and their collections have survived. But in this auction I want to mention some valuable editions of "the sun of Russian poetry".

7. "Ruslan and Ludmila" — the first book of Pushkin in 1820. Copy is good in that it has a frontispiece Olenin, who was attached not to all instances of; moreover, this copy was on exhibit S. Lifar in 1937 in Paris, as evidenced by the sticker on the last flyleaf. The estimate of $63 000 000-101. Will there be a new collector to buy this copy for the price?

8. Very rare first edition "Poems of Alexander Pushkin" 1826. The book was published immediately after the suppression of the Decembrist uprising and became rare during the life of Pushkin. And now even more so. Lot estimate $48 000-56 000, which is not expensive for this edition.

9. The most valuable and rare in this auction is a 16-страничное the Internet together with You. Zhukovsky "On the capture of Warsaw" 1831 (lot No. 100). And although bibliographers indicate the circulation 2 400 copies, it is impossible to find on the book market. Moreover, I saw two counterfeit copy of this edition that emphasizes its demand among collectors. Offered at the auction instance is definitely genuine, it is described in the catalog Krasnov under the number 351, Fig. on page 134. Rating books is more than modest compared to other editions of Pushkin — $25 000-37 000. I think that this edition will go up in price and he will fight the collectors. In General, interested in almost all editions of Pushkin with printed covers preserved, and they are present at this auction.

10. Krylov I. "Mail of spirits" are rare, but the price is clearly too high — $31 000-44 000. Probably the owner when the assessment was based on the price of acquisition of this instance. The same can be said about the first book the"Fables" Krylov 1809. Edition is definitely rare, but the price of $63 000-100 000, in my opinion, too big. That would be on it the autograph of the author, it is still all right.

11. The first edition in vivo M. Yu. Lermontov's Poems, 1840 — decent thing with a worthy price $37 000-64 000.

12. Rare first book of poems N. And. Nekrasov "Dreams and sounds" in 1840. Almost all copies the author destroyed and never even included these youthful poems in their publications. The author hardly known in the world and at a valuation of $31 000-44 000, despite the absolute rarity, the book is unlikely to go away.

13. Interesting for collectors of Russia "an Ironic song about the March on Polovtsy..." 1800 year of publication, in today's parlance simply "the Word about Igor's regiment", which today is the primary source of this monument of Russian literature. (As is well known, the manuscript itself was burned in 1812 during the fire of Moscow.) According to the bibliography, at present slightly more than 60 copies of this edition. But the assessment in this instance is still too big — $37 000-50 000.

in addition to these finds for collectors, includes rare editions of the Silver age autographed N. Gumilev, M. Tsvetaeva, Mayakovsky, Osip Mandelstam, etc. Think the owner believes that their time for the auction has not yetcame. In an interview with the magazine "Secret firmy" No. 17 dated 07.05.2007 of the year Mikhail Krasnov said: "At the time I believed friends-искусствоведам who suggested: now is a favourable period, and for relatively little money you can buy very high quality stuff. So I started to collect lifetime editions of the classics of Russian literature and Russian painting of the twentieth century. The calculation was correct. For example, the pattern for the last five years has increased in price ten times." I wonder how much of increased prices for purchased Krasnov many years ago editions of Russian classics? Will he make money by selling the collection? However exactly it will know only to himself. And perhaps now we again experienced a favorable period for acquiring high-quality items. The price for the most expensive Russian edition today does not exceed $300 000, while prices for a number of foreign have long been able to exceed $1 000 000. Who knows, lift sanctions, allow free export sales at international auctions with payment of duties and taxes will provide needed real money to purchase libraries and museums, bookstores and other necessary curiosities. And then the price of antique books will grow.

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