June 15, in the "Antiquarium" — a big auction evening
ARTinvestment.RU   13 июня 2019

The organizers of the auction announce the sale of masterpieces of the fine arts, decorative and antique books. Total estimate about 90 million rubles

June 15 auction house "Imperia" with the support of the International Confederation of antique and art-дилеров Russia and CIS countries will present a collection of fine art, consisting of 115 lots of painting, graphics, icons and objects of decorative-прикладного art, which is evaluated at more than $ 60 000 000. On the same day there will be a collection of autographs and rare books XVI — beginning of the XX century in a total amount of 30 000 000 rubles.

Online-каталог auction "Rare objects of fine art".

Among the artists represented at the auction, names such as V. Serov, V. Makovsky, Boris Kustodiev, Boris Anisfeld, K. Gorbatov, I. Welz, Vladimir Tatlin, Vladimir Konashevich, N. The kupreyanov, Z. Serebryakova, E. Lanceray, D. Burlyuk, A. Shekochikhin-Потоцкая, Y. Chernikhov, A. Osmerkin, A. Gerasimov, A. Samokhvalov, M. Dobuzhinsky, M. Saryan, Mikhail Shemyakin, Erik Bulatov, I. Kabakov and others.

the biggest job of the auction and, perhaps, one of the most monumental in the work "benovalence" Alexander Osmerkin — this painting "Kalinin plant "hammer and Sickle"" created around 1931 in the amount of 436 × 215 cm To 15 June, the work will be exhibited in the framework of pre-auction display in the gallery "literary Fund" at the Winery. This work will take part in the performance — in the exhibition of group of contemporary artists will create another monumental painting called "the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at a Winery".

To the absolute top-лотам auction is the work of Valentin Serov "After the battle of Kulikovo", created by the artist in 1895. From 1894 until 14 December 1895 in the Historical Museum was working on the design of the hall of Moscow, which was supposed mural "the battle of Kulikovo". The execution of this order was proposed by V. A. Serov, and at the request of I. E. Zabelin, the artist was not to represent the battle of Kulikovo "the traditional battle", and show "the sorrow of the winners of the dead".

Serov made several versions of the composition in pencil, watercolor, oil, some of them went to private collections. The most complete list of sketches reproduced in the monograph of I. E. Grabar "Valentin Alexandrovich Serov. Life and work. 1895-1911", which refers to the 8 variants of sketches for "the battle of Kulikovo", three of which are filled with oil. One of these sketches is kept in the Tretyakov gallery (in 1930 came from the State historical Museum)@second semicolon — in the Historical Museum (bought at Sotheby's auction firm "mark rich & To AG" in 1992 and donated to the state historical Museum); work in the catalogue of the "Cabinet" — is the third, large-format and other more elaborate, option.

Among the objects of decorative-прикладного art organizers note the work of the Imperial porcelain factory, factories, I. Khlebnikov, P. Ovchinnikov, the workshops of Faberge, silver decorative panels by F. Tolstoy, dedicated to the war of 1812, and more.

Online-каталог auction "Rare books, autographs, photographs, posters, historical papers, post cards and maps".

Auction of rare books will begin with one of the few surviving copies burned by the Holy Inquisition of the book "father of Polish literature" mikołaj Rey "Postille Polish" (Krakow, 1560). No less rare and famous book Meletii Smotritsky "Slavicgrammar" 1619 edition. Included in the collection of the auction and one of the rarest of Peter's books — "Techniques of compass and ruler, or Election beginning in the mathematical arts," published in 1709.

Lavishly illustrated edition of the "Chamber of the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences Library and Kunstkammer, with a brief indication of all are in their artistic and natural things, composed for hunters, these things wanting to watch" (St. Petersburg, 1744) was the only book that details reproduced the internal structure of the building Academic conferences, Library and Kunstkammer before the fire of 1747, which, by the way, were killed and most copies of this book. The auction will feature rare and the first detailed plan "of the capital city Saint-Петербурга with the image of the nobles thereof avenues" (1753). This section presents autographs of the classics of Russian literature and books of Russian futurism.

Pre-exhibition opened in the office of the auction house "Antiquarium" (Moscow, Nizhny Kislovskiy lane., 6, p. 2) to 14 June 2019.

the Picture of A. Osmerkin "Kalinin plant "hammer and Sickle"" are presented separately in the gallery "literary Fund" at the Winery at the address: Moscow, 4-й Syromyatnicheskiy lane 1/8, building 6, 1-й floor.

the Auction will take place on 15 June at Gostiny Dvor, at the address: Moscow, street Ilyinka, 4 (Museum of fashion), between 19 and 20 entrances, 4-й floor. Start of trading in 19:00.

Phone: 7 495-792-48-92; 7 985-969-77-45; e-mail: info@litfund.ru.

Source: press-релиз the auction house "Russian enamel"

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