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Auction "collectors" may 30. A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   06 июня 2019

Sold 67 % of the lots on 53 % of the total estimate. Top-лотами began the first edition of "the fountain of Bakhchisarai" by Pushkin, lifetime edition of "Arabesques" by Gogol, autograph, Ronald Reagan, etc.

Thursday, may 30, in the hall of the "Slavic" of the hotel "national" took place the thirteenth auction house "Among collectors" dedicated to rare Russian books XVII–XX centuries, maps, autographs, photos, and documents and books from Academia. By the beginning of the auction in the audience were about a dozen people. Somewhere else-то four dozen participants prefer to trade online. Phone players to place bets via the auction house, maybe were not so numerous, but very active. In General most lots went to the Internet, a little less — in the room and on the phones, and quite a few — on absentee rates. However, top-лоты in the fight against Internet entered (and often won) and phone, and full-time and part-time players. The total revenue amounted to more than 8.5 million rubles (53,5 % of the total assessment). With hammer away on 286 of 426 lots (67 %).

the First lot of catalog provided approximately 34% of the total revenue of the auction. We are talking about the first edition of the poem "the fountain of Bakhchisarai" by Alexander Pushkin. This is the third book of the poet and first book, published in Moscow. Printed "the fountain of Bakhchisarai" in the 1824 edition of 1,200 copies in the printing Aug Seeds, with the direct participation of P. A. Vyazemsky, who wrote the Foreword to the poem. Got at the auction copy was in excellent condition, bound era. The lot was bought by a phone, the player to start over 2.9 million rubles (around us $44.5 million).

After such a vigorous start of the sale went one after the other. In the first hundred lots went under the hammer 72, many of them higher evaluations. For example, to 70 thousand RUB was trading participants for the first edition of a rare children's book by K. Paustovsky "Marshal Blucher" (score 10-40 thousand rubles.). Lot won online-участник.

490 thousand RUB started bargaining on the part-time rate for "the Psalms in verse" Simeon of Polotsk printed in the printing house of the Moscow Kremlin in 1680 with the direct participation of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich. For a unique monument of Russian prosody telephone buyer traded correspondence to 600 thousand. However the high correspondence rate to argue with him and failed.

is Completely sold on to new owners a selection of 22 rare cards of different provinces of the Russian Empire. Almost all the lots of strings of cards went online-участникам. Total revenues amounted to 367 thousand rubles. the Most expensive was the map the Moscow region (the price of 44 thousand rubles. with estimates of 20-40 thousand rubles).

120 thousand. RUB in a dispute phones and Internet went the first edition of "the History of Peter the Great" by A. G. Brickner. Over 150 thousand at the start bought party in the hall book on the history of the Imperial porcelain factory between 1744 and 1904. Chronicle and facial Izbornik Romanov went online-участнику for 140 thousand rubles.

starting rating of 240 thousand rubles were purchased art album "Manchuria. Russian-японская war", which has 122 leaves, 389 photos and reproductions of paintings, drawings and prints by Russian artists.

the Second value of the auction lot "Among collectors" was the first lifetime edition N. Gogol —, a collection of essays "Arabesque" in two parts (SPb.: in type. widow Pljushary son, 1835). For the lot to be traded started with 590 thousand RUB Argued phone the customer with the part-time rate. In the end, the buyer orders over the phone, all-таки managed to kill a correspondence bet. It happened at around 900 thousand rubles.

In the second large section of the catalogue "In search of the Silver age" top-лотом became a rare book Russian avant-garde — a collection of poems by Alexander Rubakin "City" with illustrations by Natalia Goncharova, published in Paris in 1920 in the amount of only 325 numbered copies. The lot was acquired at a start of 240 thousand rubles.

Finally, for the umpteenth time in the auction house "Among collectors" buyers were offered documents, autographs and photographs from the archives of A. F. Dobrynin, Soviet Ambassador to the U.S. from 1962 to 1986. Items from this large archive which auction house sells this is the fourth year in a row, enjoy the same success among collectors (past sales archive Dobrynin, you can read here, and here and and here). So this time all 44 of lot Dobryninskaya Thong was sold out (Sergey Chistyakov fit to try on the white gloves).

a furor among the participants produced the book "Ronald Reagan. Frankly. Selected speeches" (translated from англ.; Moscow: Novosti, 1990) with a dedicatory inscription of Ronald Reagan to A. F. Dobrynin. For the autograph 40-го the US President argued to 280 thousand rubles., although appreciated it at first modest, in the 11-20 thousand RUB Average estimate was exceeded 18 times!

as passed antiquarian auction may 30 in the house "Among collectors". We wait for the next meeting in the hall "Slavic" — hope she's not far off.

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