"Russian enamel" may 25: sold on 9 million roubles
ARTinvestment.RU   28 мая 2019

Auction of Russian and Western art drew a full hall and a high activity telephone and online-игроков

on a Sunny Saturday afternoon about two dozen art aficionados gathered in the hall of the auction house "Russian enamel" on Gogol Boulevard to participate in the auction of paintings, graphics, icons and DPI. Almost as many people have left the application for telephone bidding: employee of the auction house sometimes barely had time to change Bedovye cards of different customers. During the auction, which lasted more than four hours, the number of online-участников ranged from 30 to 60.

the Total revenue of such large-scale auction (catalog collected 653 lots) accounted for nearly 9 million rubles. With the hammer went 225 lots (35@now;%). Yes, not all the lots found new owners, but for individual catalog items the fight was serious. The activity of all of proved phone buyers: they got 38@now;% of the lots sold. 23@now;% and 25@is now;%, respectively won online@- and part-time players. Finally, 14@now;% of the lots were purchased by intramural participants.

In the largest section — fine art — were sold 27@now;% of the lots, though not the most expensive. Not ready to give collectors both morally and financially to the purchase of scenery В. М. Васнецова 6 million rubles, Krachkovsky and sverchkova 1.2 million RUB And even beautiful, detailed sketch female figures are relevant today (in light of the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery), Ilya Repin has not found its happy owner for a 2.36–2.5 million rubles. most interestingly, about the same estimate (about 30 thousand pounds) at auction in London in early June will be posted a sketch Repin similar size. In a real example it will be possible to compare market demand Repin works in England and in Russia, the homeland of the artist.

the Most sought-after lot in the painting and drawing was a portrait of "Girl in a fur hat" (1873) painted by Pavel Petrovich Sokolov, student К. П. Брюллова. Graceful watercolor portrait Torg started with 300 thousand rubles by correspondence rate (the estimate for the lot was 236-250 thousand RUB), but it was soon interrupted by a phone rate of 320 thousand. However, the most persistent was a buyer in the room: he was arguing with the phone to his player of the winning bid in 600 thousand. the Work of Pavel Sokolov, has become a top@section ndashлотом OUT.

In icons had received the highest total revenue: 2,57 million (65@now;% of the total estimate), which managed to earn by selling a total of 16 lots (of 54). A special role in this statistical success was played by the sale of the icon "the virgin of the Sign" Moscow 1899-1908 master Nicholas Tarabarova. When you start from 400 thousand. two phone buyers traded for it up to 1 million rubles. Icon Tarabarova in silver and enamel oklad was the top-лотом of the auction "Russian enamel" on may 25.

in addition, at least three times higher than their assessment of the icon "Lord Almighty" in a silver frame master Sergei Zharov. In the evaluation of 150-160 thousand rubles. bidding started with 220 thousand rubles., and in the dispute of the Internet and two telephone bidders, the hammer price reached 440 thousand roubles the Winner went online-участник.

silver sold out 42@now;% by lots and 23,6@now;% on the money. 26 lots sold brought nearly half a million rubles.

A long-time favourite customers (and in particular,shoppers) section of antique jewelry were sold at 40@now;%. Revenues amounted to about 650 thousand rubles (36@now;% of the average total estimate Thong). Bought here was a small collection of watches (some watches and four pocket). We bargained a little bit the participants during the pre-revolutionary Golden chain original netting (score 110-115 thousand руб.; the price of 155 thousand rubles.). Masonic print in gold frame (Western Europe, 2-я floor. The nineteenth century) got one of the phone buyers for 24 thousand rubles (estimate of 15 thousand rubles).

section Volume of porcelain showed the highest percentage of sales to new owners will go 61 of 137 lots (44,5@now;%). Revenue slightly more than 2 million. amounted to $ 60@now;% of the average total estimate. To the sale of porcelain products, the number of registered online-участников peaked — 60 people. The real hit of this string was the ice cream dish from the service of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich, the so-called "Constantine set", made in the Imperial porcelain factory in 1848-1852. on the occasion of the marriage of the Grand Duke and Princess Frederica Henrietta (married Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna). Painting this set was designed by the artist, archaeologist, and historian Ф. Г. Солнцевым (1801-1892) on samples of ancient patterns. For the ramekin entered into the auction against three telephone buyer. With a starting rating of 55 thousand RUB dotorgovalas to 330 thousand.

Another top-лот in the selection of porcelain — decorative vase with a stylized image of a turtle from the service of the "East beasts", made at the state porcelain factory put out in 1929-1930-х. form С. В. Чехонина and painted by famous porcelain artist Zinaida Viktorovna kobylets'ka (1881-1957). Three telephone customers were traded for this lot to 190 thousand rubles (estimate 85-105 thousand rubles).

Finally, in the last section of the auction devoted to articles of bone, bronze, wood, lacquer miniature and so on, was sold 34@now;% of the lots (41 of 125) 1.23 млн. руб. (48@now;% of the estimate). Top-лотом was a bronze sculpture "Bolshevik", performed by the Italian artist-австрийских blood, but with an impressive "Russian trace" in the biography of Petr Sergeevich (Pietro) Kufferle. Lived and worked in the Russian Empire from 1899 to 1917, called by the Russian press in those years, "Russian artist" Kufferle left Russia and returned to Italy in 1917. And in 1921 he created is imbued with the expression of the work "Bolshevik." The lot was bought at a start of 250 thousand rubles.

Such sales will be remembered for the auction of Russian and Western European art on may 25. The next auction "Russian enamel" is devoted to antique the paper, will be held on Thursday, June 13.

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