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Auction porcelain "collectors" brought in 8.6 million rubles
ARTinvestment.RU   22 марта 2019

Top-лотом became rare plate state porcelain factory put out 1920-1921 campaign painted N. C. Annunciation-Васильяновой, sold for 1 million rubles

however it at the auction "Soviet and post-Soviet author and short-run porcelain and earthenware 1917 — beginning of the XXI century", held on Wednesday evening, March 20, at the hotel "national", has sold 110 lots in the amount of 8,622 million rubles.

To the start of the auction in the hall "Slavic" gathered about three dozen fans of porcelain and faience. Yet the same people have signed up for bargaining over the Internet. Several regular customers have traditionally traded by telephone through the auction house. In General, most of the shopping this evening was made remotely — on the phone, online and absentee rates; the participants in the room seldom entered the fight.

Top-лотом has the aforementioned plate Nadezhda Sergeevna Annunciation-Васильяновой — is a vivid example of propaganda porcelain produced by the State porcelain factory in 1920-е years. On the sides of the dish posted a quote attributed to Peter: "time Lapse of irrevocable death is similar". It is believed that this phrase occurs a favorite of the Bolsheviks, the expression "he who hesitates is lost". In the centre of the plate the Annunciation-Васильянова puts fabulous scenery, instead of the sun rays illuminated a large red star. In this work, intricately interwoven Communist propaganda with native-русской and Church style. The daughter of Archpriest Sergei Ivanovich Annunciation, Nadia writes quote Peter font, close to the Church, and the landscape takes in the style of Russian lubok or landscape with Orthodox icons. The author of this dish ahead was a three-year term in the Dal, where she wrote the scenery for the camp theatre, exile and expulsion, starvation and emigration through Germany to the USA, where she spent her last years. In the USSR the Annunciation-Васильянова was posthumously rehabilitated only in 1989, March 30. After nearly 30 years the author's copy of her decorative plates "a time Lapse of death permanently-like" was sold for 1 million rubles (score from 990 thousand rubles).

the Second value of the lot was not less interesting copy of original porcelain — is a large composition "With light steam!", made in 1981 at Dulevo porcelain factory ASTA Davydovna Brzezicki. A distinguished sculptor who has worked in China for more than 50 years, with humor, depicted a cult creative Duo of Director Eldar Ryazanov and screenwriter Emil Braginsky: the authors of the legendary "twist of fate" Brzezinkaput them in a glorified bath. The sculpture I bought on launch for 560 thousand rubles.

Among others noted by the buyers of works of porcelain figurines — "Dancer" Natalia Danko (LFZ, 1930-е), pushed for the start of the 490 thousand руб.; "Fisherman with net and gold fish" H. A. Koltsov (LPF, late 1930-х), bought online-игроком over 430 thousand руб.; female figurine "On holiday" Herman Sidorova (Dulyovo, 1960), sold on the phone for 210 thousand руб.; "Girl with Christmas tree" Mary Cold (sold by phone for 230 thousand rubles); "Clowning (Circus trio)" Dulevo sculptor member of Gatilova (gone to the Internet for 390 thousand roubles) and others.

These were spring auction porcelain and earthenware in the house "Among collectors". With impatience we will wait for next meeting with the lovely — is likely to fall (trade porcelain "collectors" are usually held twice a year — in March and in October).

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