"Cabinet" sold by the art of 97.8 million rubles
ARTinvestment.RU   22 марта 2019

The auction "Masterpieces of Russian art" on March 16, followed by about a hundred participants over the Internet, phone and, of course, in the hall

Auction of paintings, graphics and decorative-прикладного art held in the evening on Saturday, March 16 in the home office of the "literary Fund" in Nizhny Kislovskiy lane. By the beginning of the auction in the audience were about two dozen people, a few regular customers betting by telephone, and about 80 people have registered to participate online — total to hundreds of buyers and observers.

Conducted an auction for the now classic scheme of bargaining for every lot from one of the ruble. However, impressive results once again prove the simple truth that quality work will always find a buyer at a fair market price. To capture a masterpiece for three rubles because no one and failed. However in an affordable price range sales were also.

Most inexpensive became 66 lot: 1,5 thousand rubles paid by the buyer for a small shower cabin drawing Alexander Georgievich Romm, "the Road through the grove" (1932). And on the opposite side of the price scale is a group of works, in fact, gave the name to the auction — "Masterpieces of Russian art". The prices were appropriate — millions, and even tens of millions of rubles. The most impressive of the bet was done, as a rule, telephone or online-игроками. Worthy opponents in the hall for them was not.

Top-лотом was the work of Natalia Goncharova "Room in the estate of the Goncharov Polotnyanyy Zavod" (1907). This painting was in the collection of the famous artist of Diaghilev's ballets by Serge Lifar, as evidenced by a certifying inscription and owner's stamp on the back. In 1937, this picturesque interior included in the exposition dedicated to the 100-летию since the death of Pushkin: Alexander Sergeyevich, of course, been to Polotnyanyy Zavod, a family estate of his wife, Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova. And after more than 70 years, the interior of the manor engraved on the canvas of her distant relative — future "Amazon of the avant-garde," Natalia Goncharova. And was traded to 11 million rubles. The winner was a phone bidder.

the Other two expected top-лота – works by Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev from the collection of the famous bibliophile, collector and patron A. E. Burtsev. Sketch for mural painting cafe "the Garden" and a theatrical sketch, "the marriage of Pierrot" (both dated to the beginning of 1913) began trading on absentee rates with 7 million each. Bidders bid on the phone. Both times the bidding stands at 10 million rubles.

as a Single lot for 8.5 million rubles was sold to a collection of 94 items of art glass XVIII — XIX centuries. The same hammer price, 8.5 million rubles., made up and graphic a sketch of Karl Briullov "Hope nourishing love" for the scenic work, stored in the meeting house Tittoni in Rome. Another Italian figure of Karl Pavlovich Bryullov, "the Street of tombs. Of Pompeii", has found a buyer for 7.5 million rubles.

did Not leave customers unattended in the drawings by the draughtsman and engraver Yemelyan Mikhailovich Korneev (1780(?) – 1839). Three of his drawings sold to telephone customers for 1.5–1.9 million each. For 1.9 million rubles.was sold and "portrait of a woman" by Alexander Molinari. Impressed on the collectors are presented in the auction room female portrait of Paul Shmarova, which, presumably, depicts ballerina Anna Pavlova. The lot was bought for 900 thousand rubles.

Including a significant sales we will remember auction "Masterpieces of Russian art" on March 16. Next auction fine arts in the "Empire" has a specificity of diametrically opposite: instead of the well known and proven authors, the organizers will venture to refer to the works of young contemporary artists, for many of whom this will be the first experience of participation in the auction. It will happen very soon — tomorrow, Saturday March 23. Place for bidding selected to match the participants — Artplay design Center. In the beginning 19:00.

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