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ARTinvestment.RU   19 марта 2019

March 20, 2019 (Wednesday) to 19 hours in Moscow "national" hotel (hall "Slavic") will be held the auction "Soviet and post-Soviet author and short-run porcelain and faience. 1917 — beginning of the XXI century", organized by "collectors"

Published an illustrated catalog of the upcoming events (with a circulation of 120 copies). All bids submitted 475 lots.

Online-каталог auction.

At the spring auction "Among collectors" art lovers will be offered unique examples of author's, and short run exhibition of porcelain, faience, majolica, Terra cotta, fire clay, special and exemplary copies made for domestic farfora-фаянсовых enterprises, workshops of sculptors and artists. Many of the works published in the auction catalog created by the authors in a few instances, they are introduced into the scientific circulation and appear on the antique market.

Opens an illustrated catalogue of the March auction the artistic heritage of the State (ex. Imperial, later — Leningrad) porcelain factory. This page presents decorative vases, dishes and plates, plaques, tea pairs, sculptures and other products made at the enterprise the most outstanding sculptors and artists who created new — revolutionary Soviet porcelain: N. Ya. Danko, S. V. Chekhonin, M. M. Adamovich, N. C. Annunciation-Васильяновой, K. S. Ryzhov, A. V. Shakataganai-Потоцкой and other Works by these authors are a welcome discovery for fans of early Soviet "white gold". Decorative dish with propaganda inscription "time Lapse — death deadweight like" (lot of 3) painted by a painter on porcelain Nadezhda Sergeevna Annunciation-Васильяновой (1881-1967), who performed at the State porcelain factory in 1920-30-е of painting products. N. C. Annunciation studied at the Drawing school of the society, from 1906 participated in exhibitions. In the late 1930-х it left the factory and later worked as a restorer of icons in a workshop at belt, which led to the oblivion of her name as a painter on porcelain (in authoritative directories there was even a mention of her death in 1943-1944). Works of the artist are kept in the State Russian Museum, the Museum-усадьбе "Kuskovo". Highlight the work of the leading sculptor-фарфориста state porcelain factory put out — LFZ Natalia Yakovlevna Danko, the author of the figures of "Worker, is embroidering a banner", "Sailor", "Milicionera", "Movers", "Hunger", "Vaslav Nijinsky in the ballet "the Vision of rose" a", "Anna Akhmatova", "Meyerhold," the chess "Red and white" and other figures that have become a real encyclopedia of life in Soviet Russia in China. After the departure of Vladimir Kuznetsov from Petrograd (he worked at IPE — state porcelain factory put out from 1914 to 1919) the only full-time sculptor of the company was N. J. Danko, a student of V. V. Kuznetsov. She became the founder of the Soviet porcelain figurines. In addition to its individual products and series of figures was also produced sculptural works of artists who worked at the state porcelain factory put out — LFZ sporadically and sosredotochimsya its focus to other types and genres of art. In the auction catalogue published several works "of the sculptor in a red gown", created their work in the IPF — state porcelain factory put out, starting with the period of the First world war to the beginning of the great Patriotic war: "Dancer" (items 4, 14), "Red pawn (the Reaper)" (item 6), "Soldier on horseback" (lot 61), goricica "the old Woman" (the late 1940-х model 1918, lot 93), oiler "Maslenitsa" (the late 1940-х model 1919, lot 94), the figure of "the Ukrainianwatermelons" (1949 model 1939, lot 85), manufactured by all-Union agricultural exhibition of 1939.

At the March auction offers a rare work of the student N. Ya. Dan'ko, and A. T. Matveev — N. A. Koltsov "Fisherman network to a goldfish" (lot 49). The sculptor more famous published in the literature, "Marriage", "toilet", "Laika", "Deer", "Cat", "Nude woman with leopard". "Fisherman with net and gold fish", created in 1937-1939, met in the antique market and were published without painting.

At the auction "Among collectors" presents decorative teacups, issued by drawing, a member of the Association "World of art", the artistic Director of the state porcelain factory put out Sergei Vasilyevich Chekhonin. A significant place in his work took ornamental and fancy floral motifs, characterized by high craftsmanship, exquisite figures and ornaments (lots 7 and 46).

rare and interesting specimen of propaganda art refers copyright symbol "NEP (anti-Alcohol)", created by Trifon Zakharovich Podryabinnikova (1887-1974) on Bronnitskaya farfora-фаянсовой the factory, "workers" (1929, lot 13). From the autobiography of the artist, written in November 1971, it is known that he was born in Zhitomir in a family of old believers, he studied at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, Studio Kharlamov, Juon, Mashkov, was a member of the First world war. In 1923 the school factory-заводского of discipleship when Baranovsky porcelain factory, he "had a keen interest in porcelain", and he Baranovsky factory became his "Institute for applied art". For a long life T. Z. Podryabinnikov worked, in addition to the already mentioned Baranovsky porcelain factory (1923-1927), on the Volkhov farfora-фаянсовой factory "Komintern" (1927-1928), the plant "Proletariat" (1929), Dmitrov (1929-1934), Dulevo (1934-1936) and Konakovo porcelain (1936-1947) faience factories. From 1930 to 1965 has regularly participated in art exhibitions of different levels, in 1954 published a book "My experiences painting on porcelain and earthenware salt solutions", after 1965 went to literary activity and worked on books about Baranowski, Dmitrov and Volkhov plants. Works by T. Z. Podryabinnikova stored in the Museum, the Museum-усадьбе "Kuskovo", Tver regional art gallery, etc. Presents at auction a couple of tea was published in the journal "Ceramics and glass" (1930, № 6) and, according to information from the autobiography Podryabinnikova, one of the released copies kept in the State historical Museum.

pre-war Dulevo presents an interesting collector's items: dish depicting flowers, made "Kuznetsovsky" master V. P. by Messagenum (lot 34), a bowl of "20 years of the great revolution", decorated with profile portraits of leaders and national emblem of the mid 1930-х, representing 11 Union republics (lot 43), jubilee dish "long live the Soviet youth! XX years of the Komsomol" (lot 55), etc. - Painted decorative dish "In the mountains" (lot 58) created another representative of the old "Kuznetsovsky generation" Mikhail Petrovich Krotov. The master specialised in plant and floral motifs, still lifes, skillfullycreated on porcelain compositions in the new spirit of Soviet history. Over ten years ago in the antique market held decorative plates "Stalin" and "a Meeting with comrade Stalin" (based on the book pilot-испытателя G. F. Baidukov). The most memorable works of M. P. Krotov, who died during the war years, rare on the art market.

a Special place in porcelain plastic thirties is animal sculptures, which were joined to a porcelain figure of the so-called "yunnatskih series". They were produced for mass circulation in the State (Leningrad), Dulevo and Dmitrov factories, but these days are rare. In the genre of animalism worked V. I. Blokhin, N. A. Koltsov, B. Ya. Vorobyov, I. I. Riznich, V. A. Vatagin, A. G. Sotnikov, P. M. Kozhin, textbook yunnatskih images were created by T. Kuchkin. Spring auction "Among collectors" demonstrates the wide scope of this collection of material and its high artistic level.

after this overview section, "Early Soviet porcelain and faience. 1917-1941", noted the organizers of the auction a few lots. First — is the author's sugar bowl, early pre-war work of Alexey V. Vorob (1906-1992), performed at the factory in 1931 (lot 18). From 1926 until the end of his life he worked at the Leningrad porcelain factory. Collectors who attended the auction firm "Among collectors" in 2017-2018, could buy more teacups "10 years Revolution" hand-painted A.V. Vorobyevsky in the factory in 1927. In his autobiography, written in the mid 1960-х, A. V. Vorob wrote about the peculiarities of his artistic practice: "the First period a is considered more delicate and jewellery in my work. Here was influenced Chekhonin, kobylets'ka. They were my teachers."

At the auction are an early composition by sculptor Sergei Sobyanin Aleshin (1886-1963), which virtually do not appear on the antique market (lot 8). He studied at the Stroganov school in N. A. Andreeva, and later taught at MIPIDI, and became a teacher-наставником for many well-known local artists: Eugenia Iljinichna Gatilova, Margarita E. Permyak, Nina Ivanovna Zhilinskaya.

In this section, are useful for the bibliophiles in utilitarian terms lots — mukendi (stops for books) "Heroes" (items 15, 16) painted in Gzhel ceramic cooperative in 1930-х model artist-керамиста and teacher Boris Lange (1888-1969). In 1930-х he taught at Moscow technical school. M. I. Kalinin. Among his students were future sculptors ASTA Davydovna Brzezinka, Yefim Aronovich Gendelman, Maria I. Kozhin, painter on porcelain Claudia N. Panikov, fondly recollected him and his method of teaching over the years. Then B. N. Lange worked at the MIPIDI — genuine forge of specialists for work on farfora-фаянсовых enterprises gave, in the words of V. A. Vatagin, "ticket to art" the young sculptor Olga M. Bogdanova, created since the early 1950-х his works at Dulevo porcelain factory (several of her works are offered at the March auction). Fashionable in the first half of the XX century items — stops for books (mukendi) — rarely appear on the antiquarian market. In the recent bidding "Among collectors" sold bookend"The waitress", made by sculptor Alexander Nikolayevich Zlatovratski. The writer's son-народника N. N. Zlatovratski, a disciple of S. T. Konenkova, one of the founders of the society of Russian sculptors, he created the only thing in China — aforementioned mukendi.

After the great Patriotic war, the country has experienced a revival. The masters of decorative-прикладного art in Leningrad, Dulevo, Dmitrov porcelain and the Konakovo faience factories have created significant works of art, dedicated to the founders of the Russian state, events of the war years, the heroic resistance and victory of Russian people over the enemy. In 1947, sculptor Dulevo porcelain factory A. D. Brzezicki created a bust of the first Russian Emperor Peter I (lot 82) and the project of the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky (lot 98), made by the author to celebrate 800-летия of the Foundation of Moscow. At the auction there are two versions of the song "the Proclamation of Kuzma Minin" P. M. Kozhin, dedicated to raising funds among the population on the organization of the national militia to fight against the Polish invaders (1947, lots 96, 97). Two years earlier, Pavel Kozhin created in China work "the Victory of Alexander Nevsky" (lot 99). Work symbolically brought the defeat of the Teutonic knights in the middle ages with the Victory of 1945-го. The decisive battle with the Teutonic spiritual-рыцарского order (aka — is the order of the Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem) took place on 5 April 1242 and ended in a military defeat of the knights on lake Peipsi, the conclusion of a peace agreement under which distributors of Catholic version of Christianity has abandoned the captured Russian lands. The Teutonic order, founded in 1190, exists in one form or another for more than eight centuries, including in our days (the residence of the Grand master is located in Vienna). The activities of the order were actively interested in the German Nazis, who considered themselves successors to his work, the policy of "Drang nach Osten" and claimed the possession of other tangible property of the order, nationalizing it after the seizure of Austria and Czechoslovakia.

In the late 1940-х — mid 1950-х be a sculpture on the theme of childhood and strengthening of the Soviet family, Russian folk tales, theatre and circus. They are widely represented at the auction "Among collectors". Recognizable songs Maria Petrovna Cold worked (with short breaks) at Konakovo faience plant from the mid 1930-х 1957: "Young football player", "snow woman (the girl with the snowman)", "gardener (Boy with vegetables)", "Breeze". Attracts attention by its performance and size scale of the author's work by S. M. Orlov, "Fairy island (Sabbath)" (lot 72).

Among the rare pieces that reflect the theme of music in China, composition of K. S. Ryzhov, "the Cellist Burdin", performed at the factory in 1940-е (lot 67). Casimir S. Ryzhov more famous he created at the factory figures of the "educational program", "On guard: the enemy will not pass!" and "border Guard", dedicated to the protection of the state border. After 1936 K. S. Ryzhov was the artistic Director of ceramic enterprises in Gzhel. His works can be found in the collection of the all-Russian decorative Museum-усадьбы "Kuskovo", in the Elaginoostrovsky Museum. Thea considerable number of works Ryzhov is stored in the collection of the Department of "Imperial porcelain factory" of the State Hermitage.

the Leningrad porcelain factory, and after the great Patriotic war remained the leading company in the industry. One of the auction lots is an early postwar work of Alexey V. Vorob (1906-1992) — vase "Russian folk patterns" (lot 118), established in the first five years after his return from German captivity, then the camp of the NKVD in the Leningrad porcelain factory. In his autobiography A. V. Vorob wrote: "I changed the nature of painting before the war and especially after the war — began to make things more vivid. So there were large vases with exotic scenery and fabulous stories... there were motives of Russian national ornament — lot of sets, plates and cups painted on these topics... These things are appreciated in overseas exhibitions like the national Russian porcelain". It is interesting to compare objects painted Vorobievsky in the late 1920-х — the early 1930-х, and things in the second half of 1930-х — 1950-х.

Creative teams Dulevo and Dmitrov porcelain factories created decorative vases, dishes, individual pieces and series, porcelain miniatures, deserves the attention of collectors. Among the sculptors and artists of the former Gardner factory (Dmitrovsky porcelain factory, and later the Dmitrov porcelain factory), carrying out their works in the second half of the XX century in the auction catalogue N. A. Maximenko, S. J. Kovner, K. V. Gorbacheva, T. V. Andrianova, K. V. Popov, O. S. Artamonov, E. G. Morozov-Эккерт etc. a Significant number of works at auction presents works of B. E. Kalita. From the personal collection of N. N. Ganry, J. B., Henrio, I. V. Ganio happen more decorative plates, dishes, vases, constructive and unusual shapes of tableware, Cutlery sets and figurines.

One of the leading factories in terms of creating a genre of sculpture are pertinent for the Soviet state theme since the late 1940-х became Dulevo porcelain factory, where he worked for such famous sculptors as A. D. Brzhezitskaya, author of a remarkable individual works and sculptural Suite in literary and theatrical themes connected to the overall idea of the theatrical space, staging or personalities of the actors, taiga O. P., P. M. Kozhin, O. M. Bogdanov, G. D. Chechulin, N. A. Malysheva, E. I. Gatilov, A. G. Sotnikov, etc. of Their work introduce the viewer to the images and the optimism of the postwar generation, the heroes and antiheroes of the era.

Among other author's works, published in Leningrad, Dulevo, Dmitrov, Pervomaisk Konakovo faience and porcelain factories VINES —, LSFI etc., offered at auction, organizers note by B. Ya. Vorobyov, M. P. Cool, G. S. Pillar, S. M. Orlov, A. V. Shakataganai-Потоцкой, V. K. Askarova, O. P. Gagnidze, S. B. Velihova etc.

Presents a significant selection of original works, established in 1980-90-е and at the present stage of development of art. Decorative products, compositions, figurines, plaques, medallions and other works made in the workshops of sculptors and artists in the Soviet period and is not intended to replicate in the enterprise,determine the themes and subjects that were closest to the author, his perception of life and creativity.

the Possible forms of participation in the auction: 1) full-time — 20.03.2019 in the hotel "national" 19:00; 2) part-time (to place bids prior to auction — on the phone, by email, via the form on the website). Absentee bids on lots can be sent to the email address: [email protected]; 3) by telephone in real time (you say in advance which items you are interested in, and Manager of the "collectors" will contact you during the auction).

pre-Auction exhibition is open from 11 to 20 March 2019 (daily from 11:00 to 18:00) at the office of "collectors" at the address: Moscow, ul Begovaya, 24 (entrance from the street Jogging).

Phones: + 7 (985) 233-07-24; 7 (495) 645-58-88. E-mail: [email protected].

the Auction will be held: March 20, 2019 at 19:00 in the hotel "national" in the hall "Slavic" at the address: Moscow, Mokhovaya str., 15/1, p. 1. Registration of participants of auction with 18:00.

Source: press-релиз company "Among collectors"

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