The results of the Auction № 269
ARTinvestment.RU   15 марта 2019

Sold 45 %. The number of registered participants of the platform exceeded 3170

sales Geography: Moscow, Vladimir, Voronezh. Maximum demand was for the sixties. Many views gathered still life by Anatoly Zverev — rare quality watercolour a particularly valuable period in 1962. High attention was the painting of Andrey Grositsky. As a leader in the number of hits is not the first time is a spectacular painting of Lucy Raven.

next time we will have a painted bronze sculpture-пирамидка Igor Shelkovsky, canvas of the famous painter of the Russian Diaspora Sergei charchoune, a great oil Alexei Gritsai, a very interesting picture of Leningrad of the sixties Gleb Bogomolov, ink Peter Belenok, five-foot oil "Libra" George Cooper, pastel Ilya Tabenkina, and Alexander Labas, Vladimir Stozharov, Alexander Deineka, Nicholas Romadin, etc.

have a Good weekend! Thank you!

on Saturday and Sunday also don't forget to gaze at the AI Market. Regular sales at the affordable art will conclude on Monday at 15:00. The starting price is established in one step from backup. That is, the first rate may become victorious. In the directory — graphics Sveshnikov, Sooster, Voroshilov etc. Betting can be done here.


We continue to make paintings and drawings (original and lottery) to our regular weekly auctions. About his desire to put the thing on the auction AI write or call: 7 (495) 632-16-81. Rules of submission for auction AI can show sdes.

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