Scenic, applied and rare books at the auction "House of antique books in Nikitsky"
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March 14, 2019 will be 134-й auction "Paintings, drawings, decorative-прикладное art, photographs, exhibition catalogues, rare books on art". Auction start at 19:00

the auction Catalog of lots 599 amounted to a total estimate of over 13 million rubles. Lots are divided into strings, arranged chronologically and grouped by collections from which they came.

Online-каталог auction.

In a string of art organizers note "Landscape with the herd", made on the skin of the tambourine Yu Yu Clover (lot 6), and "Urban stage" N. V. Sinezubov, one of the most significant artists of the Russian Diaspora first third of the twentieth century (lot 12).

the Mid-twentieth century, a picturesque string is represented by the "still life by window" Vladimir Terentyev, artist of the second wave of the avant-garde. Work inspired by paintings of French post-Impressionists whose exhibition shortly before he returned to Soviet audiences from the cellars of the Museum of fine arts.

Section printed graphics open three uvrazha marked as rare in catalogues of the early XX century.

"St.-Петербургские costumes and shouts of" A. Dalstein (lot 34). On the pages of the album for the first time captured the look of the city the inhabitants of the Russian Empire of the XVIII century in the edition of the Kassel artist Augustine of Dalstein, who wrote the D. A. Rovinsky, lived for several years in Russia (1749-1753). Twenty of his drawings depict the city's inhabitants — for men and women winter and summer clothes. Eighteen engravings on the peddlers, eight pictures — spiritual personages. The series also includes images of Russian dance and musical instruments.

"St.-Петербургский a souvenir. Russian costumes. A collection of 40 original lithographs by Russian artists" (lot 35). An instance of condition (a rarity) with saving the publishing front the font cover. Publication of the Society for the encouragement of the arts featuring artists K. I., Kohlmann, K. F. Sabbath, S. P. Shiflyar. The leaves are lithographed in 1823-1827.

a Lot of two engraved editions of the "description of the Manege in Moscow" Agustin de Betancourt (lot 36). This rare uvrazh provided with the standard instance and an instance with painted engravings, to which is attached an additional sheet with the painted look of the Arena that are not described in the bibliography.

"paintings of Saint-Петербурга presented in twenty interesting views of the city, crews and people. Species taken in each of the twelve months of the year and are accompanied by historical and bytopisatelya a review" (lot 37). Tray instance of the completeness with gold edge preserving publishing front the font cover. In a gorgeous green policosanol bound era. The leaves on the drawings Morne (Mornay) engraved by Clark (Clark) and Dubolom (Dubourgh), krasiny watercolor at the same time.

In the section of engravings marked a rare portrait of the Empress Catherine II of V. V. Matai of the late XIX century (lot 64).

In thongs graphics of the organizers of the auction pay attention to the figure of Claudius Lebedev Boyarin — sketch for the famous wizard 1880-х years, "boyar wedding" (lot 150); the delicate watercolor portrait of a young woman working S. S. Solomko (lot 153) and a subtle psychological portrait of a public figure and a prominent journalist M. O. Menshikov by Ivan Kulikov 1914, created in the complex author's technique, harmoniously combining the sauce and pastels.

Two "Nude" (lots 159-160) Ignatius Nivinsky, executed in ink in 1916, showexperimental graphic approach to the image of a Nude model.

the Battle graphics are the famous front-line drawings of Leonid Sologub (items 161-164), most of which were published in the magazine "Niva" in 1915-1916

Series of graphic works by Dmitry Mitrokhin (lots 166-172) — excellent demonstration of the development of graphic ideas of the Association "World of art".

a Separate section made up of graphic works and art editions, donated by the artists and poets Ilya Ehrenburg.

Ilya Ehrenburg was opened to the Soviet public the artist of the Paris school of Jules pascin, artist devoting a separate text in the book of memoirs "People, years, life". The auction features works of pascin "the Nude" (lot 181) and erotic scene of the Three graces (lot 182), made with ink and watercolor in 1920-х, as well as a sketch of the scenery for the Opera "Mavra" by the French artist Leopold Syurvazha (lot 189).

In the collection of the auction — edition art, signed at the address Ehrenburg Paul Eluard (lots 511, 512, and 514), by the sculptor Jacques Lipschitz (lot 513), and Osip Zadkine (lot 515), writer Jean Ionel (lot 515).

In the graphic section, draw the attention watercolor bouquets filled V. ryndinym in 1950-60-е and donated them to Nina stern (lots 291-293), as well as works of young Nadya Rusheva from Pushkin and Lermontov series (lots 325-330).

artist's Book presents, in particular, the first book, designed by M. Chagall in 1917 (lot # 422), Selenomethionine publications by Alexandra Exter (lots 460-462) and books in the design of El Lissitzky (lots 459,485).

string of DPI organizers recommend this pair of vases "Butterfly" created in China in the early XX century (lot 584), in the Renaissance production of classical Chinese porcelain. The characteristic feature of painting products is the combination of iron paint with polychrome enamels. Both vases decorated with butterflies, have the same decor and compositional solution.

Complete the auction of the sculptures of Vladimir Lemport "mermaid" (lot 598) and "the Concert" (lot 599).

lots Pre-show from 05 to March 14, 2019 (12:00 to 20:00 except Sunday and Monday) at the address: Moscow, Nikita lane., 4A, bld. 1 (metro "Okhotnyi Ryad").

the Auction will be held on March 14. Start of trading in 19:00.

Help, ordering the printed catalogue, telephone, and absentee bids by phone: (495) 926-41-14, email: on the website

Source: press-релиз House of antique books in Nikitsky

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