Open 206-е the Auction
ARTinvestment.RU   27 ноября 2017

Traditional twenty lots — nine paintings, seven of the original sheets, two limited edition items and one work, executed in mixed media

the Catalogue of the Auction № 206

Selected lots of the Auction № 206

Traditionally begin with the scenery, the string of which is headed by top-лот 206-го of the Auction — on canvas "pond" (the end of XIX century) Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov. "A favorite visual motif of A. K. Savrasov, — writing experts N. S. Ignatova, and A. B. Dergacheva, — were the types of nature in Central. The composition of a receding expanses, bends of rivers and lining them with trees, and a color palette based on the combination of yellow-зеленых, blue and purple hues, typical of the artist's works. Studied painting continues the series of such works."

the Name of a famous dead painter Michael alisova, the author of "the Crimean landscape" (1908), has in recent years been returned from many years of neglect, his paintings are in museums and private collections sold at auction. Not a native of the seaside Kharkov, student of Yu Yu Clover in the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, fellow of I. K. Aivazovsky in Feodosia, Alisov found their own style, their techniques and paint in the image of the beloved Crimea. He settled in Yalta at the end of the Academy, the artist lived and worked there for many years.

"Landscape with Church" (1923) Olga Feodorovna Amosova-Бунак — is large and beautiful thing with good fortune: unlike greater part of the picturesque and graphic works (which died soon after the revolution and in more recent times) this painting has survived and not lost in time. Amosova-Бунак studied painting and graphics, wrote landscapes, portraits, worked as an artist-оформителем, illustrated books and magazines, he created sketches of costumes and scenery for theaters. According to Tatiana, Mihienko, the author of the article "Creative way Amosova Olga" (Olga Amosova-Бунак. Solo exhibition December 20, 2007 — on 28 January 2008: exhibition Catalogue. Moscow: gallery "Elysium", 2007. — (Forgotten names). P. 11-12), "the main thing for Amosova in 1920-30-е years remains painting. During this period, the artist takes possession of new themes and forms of expression, tends to a large scale of subjects. At the time, finally develops its own idiosyncratic style of painting".

Blue pencil performed lyrical in mood and concise drawing "untitled (seashore landscape)" George G. Nyssa. As usual with Nyssa, in this small pasarica everything is moving: the wind shakes the branches of the palm trees in the foreground and enters the Bay boat.

a Bright pink, blue, yellow and green colors, the sunlight plays a landscape with staffage "Clear day" (1983) of Nicholas Roerich Gorlov. Everything in it is slowly, peacefully and breathing the peace, and that flying a light warm breeze, says only solar umbrella, slightly related aside.

"Landscape" (1982) Vasily Yakovlevich Sitnikov, made with colored pencils, refers to the new-йоркскому period of creativity and, according to the expert V. Silaev, is the author of "original and distinctive artist, a masterly draftsman with his own attitude and Outlook".

Concludes the conversation on infinity Thong... Martian landscape with native Russian bears. Cardboard raufovicha of Damira Muratova "Bears on Mars" (2005), pasted green fringe — funny ironic thing. The irony Muratova — is its special characteristic: it is always very targeted, precisely, stylishly, are terminated (as appropriate fringe!). Always correct: the author never gets excited, does not pass a certain invisible boundary beyond which the soft irony becomes empty backbiting and Schadenfreude. So interesting, that and love.

One of the two still lifes from our catalog — still life in landscape "Summer in the garden" (1981) Gennady V. Bernadsky. Warm work, not Intrusive, delicate, light, airy and what-то festive — with a bouquet of lilac tulips live at the track, a light cloth, blowing a light breeze and soft sunlight, fun, playing on the thin gold rims of tea porcelain.

In another still life — "Mat on the table" (1987) Oleg Vladimirovich lang — table is drawn, but the Mat is this: the workman made it from gay-colored shreds, and put in a bright colored interior.

is Quite significant (4) string of portraits opens, of course, "Nude" (1998) Aaron Froimovich Buch — rare and very interesting specimen of art. Huge hat easily and gracefully balances the female figure and yet renders the composition more dynamic, the colouring of the picture is very discreet, familiar colors in it, like paint creating a soft, delicate, but still has a colored background, which, in the light beam and dominated by the Nude figure.

the Museum's value, according to the expert V. Silaev, has early full-scale domestic charcoal drawing "Portrait of Lucy, wife of the artist" (1962) Anatoly T. Zverev: "this drawing was produced by expressive and virtuosic manner, with an intricate play of lines and spots, freedom and lightness, but it felt the intimacy and lyricism".

In 1991, written "Double portrait" of the modern artist Sergey Andreevich Geta. Today the author is known to the wide audience of Hyper realistic compositions, and our portrait from Hyper-realism to far, but it is another interesting facet of the author's manner.

Marker painted "portrait on a paper bag" Rustam Khamdamov U.. With just a few lines, the authorcreated a female image in its original recognizable manner and turned an ordinary pack of crafting into a work of art.

String genre works opens, of course, a pencil drawing 14-летнего Valentin Alexandrovich Serov the "eagle over the body of the Cossack" (1879). During this period, the young Serov lived in the house of Ilya Repin, studied with him, traveled with him in Abramtsevo, worked with Repin there and again studied, preparing to enter the Academy of arts. Passion Repin Ukrainian antiquities and history of the Cossacks, according to the expert O. Glebova S., had a strong influence on the young artist — in particular, they were conceived picture on the motives of Ukrainian folk Dumas "Escape of three brothers from the city of Azov, from Turkish slavery". In 1916 Repin gave the Russian Museum of beautiful sketch — version of the story, painted in oil in 1879 (source:

In 1986 was created a picturesque sketch for the triptych "the Ballad of the revolution" Peter Pavlovich Ossovsky, whose Central part is written in the Moscow Kremlin. This bright, red tones, "Moscow", the work allows us to trace the development of author's design of the triptych 70-летию revolution.

a Very rare guest on the auction — graphics Anatoly Stepanovich slepysheva. In our catalogue presents a large graphic Tushev sheet "Cart" (1981) — exceptionally lyrical in mood, the work is imbued with what-то bright sadness and hope for happiness, which is sure to be. Black/white, she nevertheless felt as if color and presents us with the author not only as a unique colorist that we never tire of repeating, but also as a fine painter and masters graphic compositions.

Theatrical graphics are represented in the catalog only job — sketch of the costume Mexican dancer to a Revue L Argentin (1959) cabaret Au Drap d'or Erte (Roman Petrovich Tyrtov) — brilliant theater artist and the greatest representative of the art style-деко. Note that the sketch has an impeccable provenance: it was exhibited at the first auction of works from the collection of Helen Martini in the house Bailly-Pommery & Voutier (Paris) on 8 June 2013.

Complete catalogue of three in varying degrees, abstract work.

Very recognizable, very "done", very interesting and many more@very ndashмного — collage "Composition" (1979) Lydia Alekseevna Masterkova. Work is performed in a period when the artist finally abandoned the colors and focused on black-белых collages. In our work, the ink work is truly amazing!

Drawing sheet "untitled" Ernst I. Unknown — anthropomorphic abstraction, in which we feel not only tremendous physical strength, but a genuine human tragedy.

tentatively attributed to the genre of anthropomorphic abstraction and can be printed on a large metal sheet of the drawing "the Battle with flies" (2015) Konstantin Khudyakov with the participation of Alexander Medvedev Sploshnov. The work is very beautiful, made in a noble combination of shades of brown, gold, bronze.

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of theor other work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have, Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

we Wish you all a good bargain and good shopping!

the Fair market price level on the works of the authors represented in the catalog of this auction can be identified in the information database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU.

On the auction AI continues to operate a virtual party "Reserve price is not reached". He appears in the final minutes of trading, so that customers have the option to kill the reserve price (for those items where it is). In other words, if you see party "Reserve price is not reached," that is a reason to continue the fight — perhaps the victory is near.

If the latter rate appears accompanied litters "Until reserve was 1 step", it means that making the next bet, you win the auction — unless, of course, who-нибудь, inspired close luck not interrupt your last words. And always a shame when participants traded a few days and especially the last couple of hours excitedly before closing suddenly stop just one step from victory. If you feel that thing — is yours, so take this step!

Note: fee from the buyer 15% of the final price of the lot.


We continue to make paintings and drawings (original and lottery) to our regular weekly auctions. About his desire to put the thing on the auction AI write or call: 7 (495) 632-16-81. Rules of submission for auction AI can show sdes.


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fee from the buyer AI Auction is set at 15% of the final price of the lot. Payment is made in rubles in cash in the office of the Auction or by wire transfer to the account of the Auction. The Auction gives buyers of permits for export outside Russia of goods purchased at auction, and does not guarantee the possibility of obtaining such permits. Sending lots outside of the Russian Federation the administration of the Auction is not possible.


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