The results of the Auction No. 159. Sveshnikov — 710 000. Zverev — 250 000
ARTinvestment.RU   23 декабря 2016

Last before the New year trading ended on a positive note. Sold 70 % of the lots at good prices

let us not Hide this time but happy. But could terminate with the result 70% and 80 %. Two transactions not committed for absurd reasons. We can only repeat that at the critical end of the trading session deliverers to be helpful. All the rest was fine. And prices have come down to good levels, and bargaining was fun, and activity. The number of registered users of the site surpassed 1,900 people, has again added new people from the regions — not the audience, namely the customers. Sorry, aliens all the time, and we understand why: to solve a stupid problem with the removal of none.

so sold (prices without Commission): the canvas of the sixties by Boris Sveshnikov (price 710 000 rubles), watercolor Anatoly Zverev (250 000 RUB), the icon "St. Nicholas" (200 000 RUB), porcelain of Oleg Tselkova (190 000 rubles), work on metal Konstantin Khudyakov (180 000 RUB.), watercolor Burliuk (170 000 RUB.), oil by Vasily Voronkov (110 000 RUB.), tempera Vladimir Petrov-Гладкого (102 000 RUB.) lithograph with gouache Vladimir Nemukhin (65 000 RUB.), pochoir Mikhail Larionov (45 000 rubles), tempera Boris Zhutovski (30 000 RUB), lithograph Viktor Pivovarov, Vasily Kuchumov watercolor and oil Konyshev.

All — happy New year! Thank you to the suppliers, their representatives and collectors for coordinating the work and interesting conversation. Good luck to us all in 2017!

160-й AI Auction we will open January 9, 2017. See you soon!


We continue to make paintings and drawings (original and lottery) to our regular weekly auctions. About his desire to put the thing on the auction AI write or call: 7 (495) 632-16-81. Rules of submission for auction AI can show sdes.

  • 12.01.2017 The auction house "Russian enamel" 21 Jan 2017 14:00 bidding starts. Pre-show opened today. In the directory — 521 lot
  • 12.01.2017 The fifth Internet-аукцион "literary Fund" From 11 to 22 January 5-м e-auction "Russian enamel" presents 375 lots of rare books, autographs, photographs and postcards
  • 09.01.2017 Opened 160-е the Auction Traditional twenty lots — is nine paintings, four sheets of original and three — graphics and four works, executed in mixed media
  • 21.12.2016 Work Nesterova, Christmas and Tatlin was keen interest at the auction "Russian enamel" 17 Dec "Cabinet" held their second auction of paintings, graphics, applied and decorative arts, rare books and catalogues on art. Just featured over 400 lots — from the engravings of the XVIII century to the works of the sixties. Total revenues exceeded $ 14.5 million rubles
  • 19.12.2016 Open 159-е the Auction Traditional twenty lots — six paintings, seven of the original sheets and one — lottery drawing, four works, executed in mixed media, hand-painted porcelain egg antique icon of late XVII century
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