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Newspaper The Art Newspaper conducted an experiment ...

Newspaper The Art Newspaper has decided to conduct an experiment: compare the growth of the auction value of works of top ten artists with an increase in the price of gold *. The authors take into account inflation, but did not take into account transaction costs.

Claude Monet

According to the French site, $ 100 conditionally attached to the work of Monet in 1988, to June 2010 would become $ 215. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that profitability is not all investment in his work. In the example could be an early canvas "Beach at Trouville" (1870), which in June 2000 brought to Sotheby's 11 million pounds sterling, but six years later, has not found a buyer with the estimate 16-20 million dollars. Painting eventually sold in June 2008 for 7.66 million pounds (estimate 7-10 million). "[The Beach at Trouville"] - good work of the early period, but the emphasis of market priorities shifted to later works, particularly paintings belonging to the series - the dealer said Nicholas Maclean (Nicholas Maclean). - The price paid for the painting in 2000 year - is the maximum for which the owner can expect. " 11 million pounds in cash in 2000 are equivalent to the current 13.8 million and 7.66 million in 2008 today would have amounted to 10.9 million, so that the painting of Monet's "dropped" the price of 2.9 million pounds. For comparison: the gold, bought in 2000 by 11 million pounds in 2008, worth 28.2 million.

J. M. W. Turner

great English landscape painter JMW Turner wrote some six hundred paintings. In private hands today are only about 90 of them, so fight for his paintings sometimes ignite serious. In January 2009, a classic landscape, entitled "Temple of Jupiter Panellinskogo (1814-1816) was sold for 12.96 million dollars (8.3 million pounds). The previous owner, a New York art dealer Richard Faig (Richard Feigen), bought it in 1982 for 648,000 pounds (1.7 million today), which, had they invested in gold in 2009 would become $ 2 million.

Pieter Brueghel the Younger

Auction history of works by Pieter Brueghel the Younger illustrates well the fickle market. Paintings by this artist has long been undervalued, and today the same to her has been an increasing interest. In 1981, the painting by Brueghel "Kermessa in St. George's Day" (1628) was purchased for 275,000 pounds (786,000 today), and fourteen years later, the buyer laid out for him as much as 2.2 million. Gold during this period rose in price by only 22 000 pounds (up to 297,000).

Auguste Rodin

2010-th - a good year for those who invest in the sculpture of modernism. In May, one of Rodin bronze "Thinkers" sold last year in France for 2.5 million euros (2.25 million pounds), brought to Sotheby's 11,8 million dollars (7.3 million pounds) - almost three-fold increase! As to the gold, it would be for the year has added nearly a million pounds.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

American Creativity neoekspressionista, a former street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat remains extremely attractive to investors - $ 100 invested in its work in 1998, to June this year would turn into 655 dollars. Great demand patterns the early 1980's. "Warrior" (1982) in November 2005, was rescued at Sotheby's 1,8 million dollars (954,000 in the British currency) and a half years later, the buyer laid out for him 2.8 million pounds. Today's equivalent of these prices are 1.06 and 2.9 million respectively. The value of gold purchased in 2005 for 954,000 pounds in 2007 amounted to 1,3 million. More about investing in the product Baska can be read here .

Joan Mitchell

prices for works of this grand lady of abstract expressionism grow as vigorously as in the bass: the fact that in 1998 was worth $ 100 conditioned for twelve years, has risen in price to 664. For example, the "Sunflower V» (1969), bought in May 1999 for 266.5 thousand dollars (165,000 pounds) and resold in November 2005, over 1.53 million (904,000 pounds). "We would strongly recommend [investors] look at the creativity of the artist," - says the founder of the company Artvest Michael Plummer (Michael Plummer). Inflation has raised the price of 1999 to 208,000 pounds, and the price of 2005 - up to 937,000. Gold would have during the past six years, reached a value of 228.6 thousand.

John Leavens

«Sketch of the head and shoulders bearded old man in a hat", made in 1629 by Dutch master Jan Leavens, was purchased at Sotheby's in 2004 for 1.85 million pounds and six years later sold for $ 2.5 million. Given that the first price in today's money would amount to 2.1 million, an increase is relatively small (gold would have risen in price up to 6.5 million). Yes, 2.5 million - almost a record (the picture won second place in the list of the most expensive works by the artist), in addition, the canvas refers to the most demanded period - 1620-th year, when Leavens "competing" with Rembrandt (the demand for the work of those years and is growing because the market comes less recent creations of the same period). The emergence of "a bearded old man" at Sotheby's in 2004 became a real event: the picture was not present at auctions since 1886, when the Marquis Cholmondeleysky sold it at Christie's for 21 pounds (in terms of current money - 2000). After the sotbisovskogo "success decided to re-work to be auctioned off too early, because of what was already a buzz is not so: in the market of the old masters of the most interesting use fabrics that have never been auctioned or exhibited a long time.

Peter Paul Rubens

This rule of the market confirm the old masters and the vicissitudes of works by Rubens' Portrait of a man in the image of the god Mars "(1620-1625). In July 2000, the painting went to Sotheby's for 8.3 million dollars (4.98 million pounds), and two years later was sold to a loss of 580,000 pounds - the owner waited too little. What to gold, the investor, having invested in it in 2000, 4.98 million pounds by 2002 th would have received 5.58 million.

Pablo Picasso

According to Michael Plummer, "Picasso will always be appreciated in the art market." What to say if his work is ready to spread more than 100 million dollars ("Naked on the background of the bust and green leaves, Christie's, May 4, 2010). Another important artist's canvas, sold this year - "Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto" (1932), whose former owner, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Andrew Lloyd Webber), bailed out of his 34.8 million pounds. The previous auction record for this work amounted to 18.7 million pounds (1995). It turns out, Webber income totaled 16.1 million. If fifteen years ago, the composer decided to spend 18.7 million pounds in gold, then in July 2010 of his purchase would have cost 60 million.

Picasso - it's such an "old master" of the market modernism investments in work which will always be reliable, but their price is slower growth than in younger market sensations like the Basques. Conditional job, which in 1998 invested $ 100 in July 2010 would have brought 194 dollars. The reason for this, according to the developer of the index Mei Moses Michael Moses (Michael Moses), is that a large number of works of artists included in the circulation for a long time, so if you frequent resale hope for very high profits are not worth it. And if so, what collectors are beginning to search for "undervalued" market segments Picasso. In particular, in recent years have seen increased interest in his sculpture, as well as to the works of the 1950's. The late period was devoted to hands-free summer exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery ("Picasso: The Years of the Mediterranean (1945-1962)"). Plummer, however, stressed that the real benefit only those who will buy at the beginning of a new fashion, rather than closer to its end.

Damien Hirst

say "the market Hirst" - mean "the art boom of the late 2000's. Who does not remember the apotheosis of the market euphoria - a solo auction of the artist, entitled "In my head I'll be fine forever» (Beautiful Inside My Head Forever), held 15-16 September 2008, immediately after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the fall of the Dow Jones on 500 points. Hurst gave organizer - Sotheby's - 223 works from which the new owners have not found a total of five. Others have brought a total of 111.4 million pounds.

Hurst responded to the growing demand has been to increase production. In 2006, at a public auction received 167 of his works, in 2008, this figure rose to 624. According to Artnet, since 1996 the work of Hirst to auction 2,165 times.

Example? Take the product of "I miss you" (1997-1998), a bright green picture glued to the corpse of butterflies, which in the past five years has appeared at auction four times. In 2004, it bought on sale of property restaurant Hirst's Pharmacy for 263.2 thousand pounds (estimate 120-150 thousand) in February 2008, the canvas offered with an increased estimate - 700-900 thousand, but a buyer can not find him. In October of that year the work was put up for auction again, this time with an estimate of 500-700 thousand, but even here was waiting for her failure. A year later bought the painting at Christie's for 337,000 pounds (estimate 200-300 thousand).

Nested in 2004, 263.2 thousand pounds by 2009 would become 301.3 thousand. If we subtract from this amount the commission the buyer, you get 280,000, plus the seller still would have to pay transaction costs - in general, the picture is not so rosy. While the 263.2 thousand invested in gold in 2004, by 2009, would become 821 000.

According to Artprice, the conditional product Hearst acquired for $ 100 Twelve years ago, today would be worth 452 dollars. However, it is worth noting that last year the number of unsold works by the artist has increased by as much as 103%. According to art adviser Todd Levin (Todd Levin), «Hurst is an excellent insurance against loss in market volatility - if you bought it in 1990. But the investment made in the past five years, probably not as justified. " It is worth remembering that the less accessible is the work, the higher the chances of success. Nine of the ten most expensive works of Hirst - rare installation.

material was prepared by Julia Maksimova, AI

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* When writing this article the authors were guided by data Bank of England (inflation) and the London Market Association precious metals (gold prices) .

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