Rothko, Bacon and Koons at auction Christie's
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February 11 in London will auction the auction house Christie's «postwar and contemporary art». Among the top lots - works by Mark Rothko, Jean Dyubyuffe, Willem de Kuninga, Alberto Burri, Bridget Riley, Jeff Koons and Francis Bacon

Tomorrow in London will auction the auction house Christie's «postwar and contemporary art». At the auction will be presented to a selection of 31 works, covering a 60 years history of art. The upcoming auction offers collectors the opportunity to become owners of rare works, as most of the works on display at the auction for the first time. Among the top lots upcoming auction include works by Mark Rothko, Jean Dyubyuffe, Bridget Riley, Jeff Koons, Francis Bacon, as well as canvases by Alberto Burri and Willem de Kuninga, the «news» on the art market (both works have not put up for auction more 40 years). Total estimeyt trades at more than 15 million pounds.

Pilar Ordovas, the European Office of the Vice-modern and postwar art Christie's: «At the auction will be exhibited works carefully selected the most outstanding artists, among which the Mark Rothko , Jean Dyubyuffe, Willem de Kuninga, Alberto Burri, Bridget Riley, Jeff Koons, Francis Bacon and others. We are still seeing strong demand in the market for top quality work, especially if they are exposed to bidding for the first time in many years ».

One of the top lots of forthcoming bidding is the work of Alberto Burri (1915-1995) in 1956 under the title «The burning plastic» (estimeyt: 0,8-1,2 million pounds). This product is a combination of favorite material Burri - plastic - with his favorite technique of the work - fire. During the Second World War, Burri was a doctor assigned to the Italian army. In North Africa he was captured. After his release, Burri began to develop methods and techniques display complex relationship between nature and technological progress. The elegant work of unusual materials, created by Burri impressed by the horrors of war, brought him worldwide recognition.

Job «Monkey (Ladder)», created by Jeff Koons (b. 1955) in 2003, put up for auction for the first time. Its preliminary cost 1,4-2 million pounds. Oil on canvas, height of about 3 meters, is part of a series called «Popa». Pictures inflatable toy obezyanok located at the forefront of the painting, in contrast to naked female torso in the background - the innocence of childhood, coupled with mature sexuality. The figures are surrounded by fence, which continues to develop the artist's favorite theme - the struggle against the restrictions imposed on the rights of Puritan morality. Cloth is being bid from American private collections.

Cloth Francis Bacon (1909-1992), entitled «The man in blue VI» more than 40 years were in private collections and have never been exhibited in the auction (estimeyt: 4-6 million pounds). The painting was purchased by current owner in 1971 and since then has not changed ownership. Cloth was written in spring 1954, along with six other series of paintings created by Bacon in the creative heyday. It was in the 1950's, Bacon has become a world-renowned and respected artist. Unusual series of seven paintings is that they most likely were written from life, rather than from photographs, as it usually did Bacon. Model name is unknown, but it is thought that Bacon became acquainted with this man in a hotel, where the artist was forced to move out of the house. On the canvas shows a man in a state of mental confusion. His figure on a dark background like «pulsing» internal energy. Such a stark contrast to the manner of screaming agony other Bacon paintings created during the same period - in particular, with well-known sketches on the theme of the portrait Velazquez. All works of the series, except one, were represented at the exhibition held in London in June 1954.

the best examples of abstract expressionism applies canvas Mark Rothko (1903-1970) «Green, blue, green on blue» 1968 (estimeyt: 2,5-3,5 million pounds). In 1968 (shortly after the artist finished work on the 14 works executed by order of the de Menil family for the chapel at the University of Houston) at Rothko was discovered extensive aneurysm. Doctors advised him to abandon work on the works of more meters in height and to avoid the laborious work of oil. As a result of his late works of Rothko turned to acrylic on paper. Feeling approaching death, Rothko created a series of works that are more dark and gloomy palette, provides this example of their work.

Creativity Kuninga Willem de (1904-1997) will be presented at the auction of the «Singing woman I», which was acquired by current owner shortly after the exhibition held in New York in 1966. De Kuninga was one of the brightest representatives of abstract expressionism, and the theme of his most famous works were women. Encouraged by the changing appearance and behavior of American women's post-war period, the artist has made the present furor first exhibition of his works on this subject, held in New York in 1953. Today it is one of the most recognizable and known samples of abstract expressionism, which are in museums around the world. This work was written in 1966 and not exhibited since 1969 (estimeyt: 650-850 thousand pounds).

In addition, the auction will be exhibited work in 1950, Jean Dyubyuffe (1901-1985), entitled «Miss Aranha», belonging to the well-known series of the artist «female body». During my time in this series a strong reaction in society, as were contrary to the usual image of women in Western culture (estimeyt: 400-600 thousand pounds). The work of Jenny Sevill (b. 1970) 1994 year «stitches» - this is the image of female head and torso, the height of which exceeds 3 meters.

Among other outstanding works of the upcoming auction, you can also highlight the work of the brush Bridget Riley (b. 1931) 1977 years under the name Aurulum, created at a time when the artist was working on new tricks, game colors and the transfer form (estimeyt: 400 -- 600 thousand pounds).

Cloth «More Light», written by Sean Scully (b. 1945), were purchased by present owner at Christie's auction in 1997 to 49.9 thousand pounds (estimeyt: 300-400 thousand pounds).

It should be noted and the product «Untitled» Anisha Kapoor (born 1954), written in 2004 (estimeyt: 500-700 thousand pounds).

Source: Press Releases Christie's

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