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  • 21.09.2007 Sotheby's and Christie's will give the seller Auctioneer promise to its customers, vendors, that with things made of strings, they are guaranteed to be paid the minimum specified fixed price if the item does not sell.
  • 12.09.2007 Graphics Dmitry Lion in ART4.RU C 10 August to 10 September 2007, at the Museum of modern art the exhibition of graphic works Sixties Dmitriy Lyon (1925-1993), which were presented previously shown not work 1950 - 1990.
  • 08.09.2007 The collection of Mstislav Rostropovich at Sotheby's September 19 in London at Sotheby's auction will be sold Russian art collection of Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya. Previously known that the auction will be approximately 350 lots.
  • 20.08.2007 Correct Chubarov Up to 6 September in the gallery of Peter C. Voice ART (St. Zemlyanoy Val, 14/16) last exhibition «The same Chubarov», in which the gallery presented a collection of the artist's 1968-1978.
  • 14.08.2007 The most expensive American in Moscow Up to 9 September 2007 in the Pushkin Museum (St. Volkhonka, 12) last exhibition «New World. Three centuries of American Art ». Nearly a hundred paintings from several dozen museums and private collections are designed to best reflect the diversity of EmO
  • 27.07.2007 Boris Sveshnikov in «New Hermitage» The gallery «New Hermitage» (Spiridonovka, 4, p. 1) to 17 August last exhibition of the works of representative bright «another art» Boris Petrovich Sveshnikov (1927-1998).
  • 20.07.2007 Interrupted project «Dmitry Prigov» 16 July 2007, in a Moscow hospital as a result of extensive infarction died Dmitry Prigov. Famous poet, painter, performansistu was 66 years old.
  • 23.06.2007 We at Phillips de Pury. Record to the Sixties It is on the auction house the work of Kandinsky that once was set the price record for Russian art. However, this auction does not often get in our field of view
  • 22.06.2007 Record «Spring» Modern Art Portrait of Bruce Bernard, photo journal Sunday Times, the late artist's friend and biographer Lyutsiana Freud in the interior of his nepribrannoy studio, was sold June 20 at Christie's for 7.9 million pounds (nearly 16 million U.S. dollars)
  • 16.06.2007 MacDougall's: reference sales Results of the June MacDougall's, where D offered its forecast somewhat surprised. On the fact the prices were often higher than even the boldest assumptions D
  • 10.06.2007 Peasants after Suprematism Before 1 July 2007 in the new gallery «PROUNI», located in the Center of Contemporary Art «Winery» (, 4 th Syromyatnichesky Lane, 1, p. 6) last exhibition «The Peasants. Postsuprematichesky epic ».
  • 02.06.2007 «Moment of Eternity». Yankilevsky in Moscow Up to 24 June 2007 at the premises of Cultural Foundation «Catherine» (Kuznetsky Bridge St., 21 / 5, last personal exhibition of Vladimir Yankylevsky «Moment of Eternity», prepared jointly with the Russian Foundation Museum
  • 18.04.2007 Nicholas Vechtomov On April 17 left the life of Nicholas E. Vechtomov (1923-2007) - the original artist, whose name is synonymous with the famous «Lianozovsky Group» (the most famous of its representatives - Oscar Rabin and Vladimir Nemukhin).
  • 17.04.2007 Russian Christie's and Sotheby's: results of tendering Past 16-18 April 2007 «Russian bid» showed that the market enters a phase of maturity. So often, when the waste comes out of fashion and it is time to make informed decisions
  • 30.03.2007 ART4.RU: a new private museum of modern art The private museum of a businessman and collector Igor Markina opened really long time. People interested in the modern (current) and the art of the sixties, following the exposure of several years.
  • 30.03.2007 Kandinsky: the price secondary At the recent Paris auction Aguttes C. (SVV) geometric abstract painting by Vasily Kandinsky «Thick brown» was sold for 1.6 million euro, ie more than 2 million dollars.
  • 27.02.2007 Russian American lots Sotheby's: Nemukhin, Lanskoe, Gorki, Bolotovsky February 23, house Sotheby's in the overseas sites held auctions «Contemporary Art»
Records: 4277
Pages: 143
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  • 13.05.2019 Moscow named the fourth city in the world in number of billionaires Many believe that such a high concentration of very rich people inevitably creates an adequate demand in the domestic art market. Alas, the scale of purchases of paintings in Russia is not directly proportional to the amount of personal wealth
  • 12.03.2019 Experts: the culture industry brings the US economy is 4 times more than agricultural production This conclusion is contained in a study published in March 2019, Bureau of economic analysis, U.S. (BEA) and National endowment for the arts (NEA)
  • 22.02.2019 How to buy a painting as a gift Have important person have a budget for a gift, dedicated and want to do-то decent. What to give Tom, who almost has everything? Buy picture — are advised by experienced people. I agree with them. But will have to try not to be trapped
  • 23.01.2019 How to sell a picture A family heirloom, inheritance, hung yourself on the wall, and hung. But decided to sell it, people first think. Where to sell? How not to sell too cheap? Not so simple questions as soon as it comes down to it
  • 21.01.2019 Than to confirm that the picture belongs to you Whether a collector of documents in the possession of the picture? Beginners want the final paper, actual armor. What if it gets stolen? What if you need to sell? Than I will prove that the painting is mine?
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