Top-лотом auction of street art was the "Mona Lisa" from Rubik's cubes
ARTinvestment.RU   27 февраля 2020

Working Rubik Mona Lisa artist known as Invader, has sold four times more expensive starting price — for more than $500 thousand.

Urban Trading & Pop Contemporary auction house Artcurial held in the French capital on Sunday, February 23, earned nearly €2.5 million In new hands took almost 80% of the 237 lots directory, including the work of Banksy, Kaws and other first names street directions in art.

However, the most popular author, known under the name Invader: among the sold were all 19 of his works included in the auction catalog, and their total value amounted to €698 thousand — almost a third of all revenues of the day. Top-лотом was the song Mona Lisa Rubik (2005), sold for €480 thousand, four times the starting price.

the Reason for this unexpected surge of interest in the five-foot assemblage of Rubik's cubes called the fact that the auction took place in one day with a Grand closing exhibits "Leonardo da Vinci" in the Louvre. The price of the lot was affected by the fact that the "Mona Lisa" is the first of a series Rubikcubism work in which the author of the Rubik's cube recreates recognizable paintings by the old masters.

In the world street-арта Invader noticeable amount. He is known primarily for a series of their graffiti-работ consisting of pixel images of characters from the 1978 video game Space Invaders, which "invade" cities all over the world. Despite the fact that Invader chooses to remain anonymous, he is very serious about the verification of their work. For fans of his work have developed even a special game-приложение for a smartphone, where people are invited to find in the cities in which they reside, graffiti signed by Invader and if the authorship of the artist confirmed to for the discovery points, the number of which they can compete with each other.

By the way, large-scale murals of the authors represented in the Artcurial auction catalog, including Shepard Fairey (OBEY GIANT) MONKEY and BIRD lovers of contemporary and street art can and absolutely for free on the walls of the shopping center at the Kurskaya metro station in Moscow.


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