Five of the best acquisitions that you can do at Frieze, the LA 2020
ARTinvestment.RU   18 февраля 2020

February 17, ended one of the main American contemporary art fairs, and clearly demonstrated that it is now fashionable and popular in modern art

From 14 to 17 February 2020 Los-Анджелес has become a world center for contemporary art in the city for the second time hosted the Frieze fair LA. The sales results were much higher than a year ago, when the activity of visitors may be affected by rainy weather. In addition to an impressive six figures transactions made on the site from the first day of the fair, Frieze, the LA 2020 and gathered a galaxy of Hollywood celebrities. In particular, among the visitors were spotted actor Leonardo DiCaprio, singer Jennifer Lopez and owners of works sold at the stands, and was the youngest U.S. billionaire and reality TV star-шоу Kylie Jenner.

Frieze, the LA 2020 remembered and a selection of interesting works — as recognized masters of modern art and the new artists that have gained popularity in recent years. We offer you the five most interesting of them version of the Artnet portal.

Its rounded silhouettes and plot the work of Barkley Hendricks, 1960, the most valuable in the artist's work, reminiscent of the outlines of the famous Ghent altarpiece. The works of this author a real rarity on the art-рынке. Most of them or kept in private collections, or in the estate of the artist and never went to public sale. In may 2020, many of these paintings will be available to the public for the first in many years the exhibition of the artist organized by the gallery of Jack Sheinman in new-Йорке. To buy the work of Barkley Hendricks before the opening of the much-anticipated solo exhibition — is a good move for those who understand the inevitable increase in the cost of works of the artist.

Art-объект Richard Prince, which is a three-dimensional replica of the famous Ford Mustang — upscale and multifaceted work of art. It can be seen and American masculinity, and the allusion to traditional cowboy songs with horse in the title role. In addition, this composition will look great "parked" in the living room of a huge house in the Hollywood hills. Work Prince — one of the many interesting projects prepared for the fair, Gagosian gallery, presented at the fair its new online-кабинет.

Known for his surreal, antiutopiya sculptures, installations, poetry and performances by Bunny Rogers for several years created this kind of self-portrait, using for inspiration the characters of the animated series "Clone High" (2002-2003). The main characters of the series were clones of famous historical personalities. For his portrait she chose the image of Jeanne d@Roark. So there was this playful "Etude to the portrait of Jeanne".

Born in Germany but living and working in Los-Анджелесе Friedrich Kunath well-known ambiguity of their work: they are simultaneously dark and funny, beautiful and terrible. In the song "We strive to live", presented by the gallery Blum & Poe (Los-Анджелес), the artist addresses the complex subject of human interaction and the animal world, depicting an elephant, the rescuer, while people are constantly destroying the population of elephants in Africa.

Inspired by the love of chess Marcel Duchamp's installation "business Risks / King checked by the Queen" Cory Arcangel consists of two screens that show the images of the selected two robots with artificial intelligence. One of the robots named in honor of the birthday of the inventor of Duchamp, another — after the date of his death. Robots playing a virtual chess match, placing your moves "against" each other in the comments section of popular posts Instagram. The game is played on accounts of famous in different spheres of users who, for example, Kim Kardashian, Richard Branson, NASCAR, etc. is Physically played and recorded last year, the game takes about 40 minutes and ends when the party that is named in honor of the birthday of Duchamp, to checkmate your opponent, when you win a smiley with a kiss.


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