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The painting, bought at auction for less than $ 100 thousand dollars, can cost millions
ARTinvestment.RU   23 января 2020

Brush work of Guercino, master of the Italian Baroque, sold as a Dutch painting of an unknown author of the XVII century

the Current owner of the "Aurora", new-йоркский art-дилер and gallery owner Christopher Bishop acquired the painting at the auction house Doyle New York in 2012. In the auction catalogue, the work was listed as a work of the Dutch school of the XVII century. Sold job with estimate $2 000-3 000.

"it was obvious To me that working incorrectly identified, — quotes the words of Bishop publishing Artnet. — First of all, I realized that this may not be a Dutch school, and I have a suspicion that this might Guercino".

in Order to confirm my hunch, Bishop before buying a painting personally inspected the work: "I immediately realized that I could see in front of him: in the later works of Guercino there is a certain style and incompleteness, unmistakable if you know his work."

Obviously, the Bishop was not the only participant in the auction, came to a similar conclusion regarding the authorship of the work. No other reason to explain the fact that during the bargaining for this lot, the hammer price increased 18.6 times compared to the upper boundary of the estimate and the painting went to a collector for $74,5 thousand Although, of course, in comparison with the auction price confirmed by Guercino is quite a record for a work by the artist is $ 7,86 million for the image of king David, sold at Christie's London in 2010.

the Average price of its one-figure oil paintings, comparable in size with the "Aurora" as a rule, make just above $ 1 million However, Bishop, who, in addition to paintings, belongs to the preparatory drawing for it, believes that if he can't find a public buyer or professional institution, together this pair work can cost several times more.

Incidentally, this picture, purchased by the Bishop at auction Sotheby's in January last year for $25 thousand, has finally confirmed the Bishop's conclusions regarding the authorship of the "Aurora". Drawing, sold at auction under the title "Allegory of vigilance", had excellent provenance: the work was kept in the artist's family after his death.

After the purchase of the picture, Bishop decided to return to the study of the provenance of the painting, taking up the study of the books of Guercino and well-known records about the sales of his works. And in one of the books he had found that picture under the name "Aurora" was commissioned Guercino captain Raffaello Gabrielli, the military from Bologna, who owned and still several works by the artist. That is why the goddess of dawn is depicted in the pose of a soldier, watching over the Bologna all night (hence the second name — "Allegory of vigilance"). Goddess Aurora embodies the cruelty and the spirit of freedom of the Bolognese, who were very proud that they were conquered neither Rome nor Florence nor Venice nor Milan, nor even who-либо of more powerful neighbours.

the Last 60 years, as Bishop found out, the picture was kept in a private American collection. And the owners knew very little about the painting which they possessed. A miracle thatwork, "losing" the author has retained its original name.

In the next week the picture and the sketch to her for the first time in the last 300 years can be seen in the gallery hall Christopher Bishop Fine Art in new-Йорке at the annual festival Master Drawings New York.


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