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New milestone in the history of art-рынка: how to change the major auction houses in 2020
ARTinvestment.RU   14 января 2020

Under the influence of new technologies and the variability of the market, the auction house will inevitably be on the path of digitalization and diversification

Coming 2020-й year, according to experts, may well be the year when business-модель main auction houses, first focused on fine art and almost not changing in the last 300 years, finally find a form more appropriate to the XXI century: reduce costs and focus on new technologies and a focus not so much on the painting, how much for luxury goods, objects and other DPI.

According to Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report, 2018 online-продажи was less than 10 % of global sales of art and collectibles for a total of $67,4 billion. This low percentage is due, mainly, the originality and the high cost of art objects in the first row, and a small client base of active buyers, most of whom (especially older ones) prefer to personally "meet" with the subject before you give him six- and seven figures. The latter is particularly difficult digitalization of the auction business, that is the translation in the figure of everything that is possible: the reduction in the circulation of printed directories and/or replacing them online-каталогами, reducing the number of auctions in the gym and increase their Network, the development of new options for online-участия (creating a separate Internet-площадок and applications, etc.), online-консультации specialists, etc. But because today for many digital image is preferable to reality, and paying what-либо by telephone and online in General has become almost a daily routine, experts believe, this psychological "digital" barrier to art-рынке will be overcome in the near future.

Obviously, I agree with this and the auction houses. In October 2019-го Bonhams said that it was closely associated with the sites-агрегаторами Invaluable and thesaleroom. And the same Sotheby's and is ahead of its time, back in 2000-м year trying to create an online-аукцион in conjunction with Amazon. Then the idea failed and the project was closed in 2002. Today, after buying the auction house head of telecommunications Corporation Patrick Gray, Sotheby's again focuses on the development of its online-департаментов and also began to cooperate with Invaluable.

the Second major step in the development and modification of the auction was the world shifted focus from art towards other items, among which watches, bags, wine, jewelry and other decorative items-прикладного of art and luxury. Auctions are now more focused on selling the lifestyle, not just art.

According to a report by American management consultants Bain & Co, sales of luxury goods in 2018 showed an average yield of about 20 %. The same Sotheby's in 2019 earned $118 million on the sale of wine. This, incidentally, is the highest result in the history of the auction house.

Despite the fact that sales of fine art are reduced, the number of rich and very rich people all over the world grows every year. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for luxury goods: from 2013 to 2018 global sales of luxury goods such as watches, bags and jewelry grew from €212 billion to €260 billion.

the Shift from classical art to luxury items was clearlydemonstrated last December, when the auction house Phillips earned $20.2 million on the sale 74 lots of watches on his new-йоркском auction, while the London evening auction of Old masters Sotheby's has collected only $18.5 million In this situation, no one is surprised a record $383 522 over a decade of Hermes Birkin handbag Himalaya, which was sold at auction by Christie's in Hong Kong in 2017.

So it is likely that very soon we will witness a record-breaking million purchase of paintings by Picasso and watches of Patek Philippe by collectors all over the world online, with just a couple of clicks on your phone.

for More information about this story and the comments of the representatives of the auction houses can be found in material The Art Newspaper.


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