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27 Nov — on 1 December. 45-й Antique shop. For the first time in the Gostiny Dvor
ARTinvestment.RU   25 ноября 2019

In the main antique show on Ilyinka, 4, will be attended by about 200 Russian galleries

event Organizer — company "Expopark exhibition projects" — have developed for this Salon special exposure solution. In Gostiny Dvor will be "street" Antiques, jewelry, vintage and quarter "Art&Дизайн".

the centerpiece of the Salon is of the gallery "Elysium", "Kardasidis Art", "Russian avant-garde 10-30-х gg", "Time", "Kutuzovsky, 24", "Altruist", "Patriarchal", "Antique trade A. E. Lelyanova", "Antique seasons" Antique gallery "Petersburg". There will be presented paintings by Ivan Shishkin, Vasily Polenov, Ilya Repin, Konstantin Somov, Zinaida Serebryakova, Alexander Deyneka, Anatoly Zverev, sculptures Paolo Trubetskoy, Evgeny Lanceray.

international Confederation of collectors, antiquarians and art-дилеров will present at the Salon a non-profit exhibition "Trends of collecting in Russia." In the exposition more than 50 works from private collections that tell about the main directions of the gathering formed in our country. This Museum quality Russian art: icon painting, Russian painting of XVIII–XIX centuries, "Russian impressionism" and the avant-garde painting of the Soviet period and nonconformists. A separate part of the exhibition tell about collecting European art.

the Salon is a gallery, prepared a thematic exhibition. So, the oldest antique gallery "Petersburg" will present masterpieces of Russian painting of the middle XIX — the first third of the XX century from the 20 iconic works. In the center of the exhibition — painting "the Model" created by Ilya Repin in 1920-е years. For this picture posedMary (Marianne) Khlopushina, which at that time settled in the vicinity of the manor Repin Penates, and for several years was the artist's model. In the works of the late period of Repin, one of which is "the Model", is particularly pronounced interest in the expression of subtle psychology in portrait of by the expressive General painting.

At the stand of the gallery "Antique seasons" will take place the exhibition "Classic for the ages". It included works of prominent Russian artists of XIX–XX centuries: Ivan Shishkin, Vasily Polenov, Julius Klever, Gavriil Kondratenko, Ivan Welz, Alexandra Gina, Nikolay Dubovsky, reflecting the scenes of national history, and also praise the beauty of Russian nature.

the Gallery "Russian art Nouveau" he said on the stand about the travels of the artists whose works were created in the period of the late XIX — the first half of the twentieth century, as a genre scene "Rocky river. Anglers" by Alexander Egorov 1901-1902 years or Parisian landscape Kliment Redko with the picture of fancy car 1920-х years.

In the centre of the theme of the exhibition "Russian style", prepared by the Gallery "Altruist" will be devoted to the history of Ancient Russia five monumental decorative panels, created by Mikhail Yakovlev in 1913, after graduating from the Stroganov and the Tenishev school. The works belong to the early period of the master.

"Women in art and the art of women" — name of the exposition of the Gallery "vellum". On the stand will be presented as images of women — "Young woman on the background of the Church" Philip Malyavina and "Jupiter in the guise of Diana and the nymph Callisto" by Carl Beggrow, and paintings of famous artists: Olga Della-Вос-Кардовской, Olga Ostroumova-Лебедевой, Alexander Konovalov.

"the Valentine Ryabov Gallery" will exhibit the magnificent landscape by Konstantin Korovin "Paris by Night", 1923 from the series "Lights of Paris". Another picture from the same series — "Paris. Night cafe" 1929 — will be included in the exposition of the International Confederation of collectors, antiquarians and art-дилеров (MKAAD).

Drawings of Natalia Goncharova — sketches of the costume of the Spanish flu, 1920-40-х years and evening dresses "the Hierophant", 1920-30-х years — will show the gallery "Elysium". After emigrating to France, the artist created sketches of scenery and costumes for "Russian seasons" by Sergei Diaghilev, including Spanish dresses for the ballet "Bolero" by Bronislava nijinska. In 1920-е years, Goncharova collaborated with famous fashion designers: Coco Chanel, Nadezhda Lamanova and the fashion house Mary Mybor Cuttoli.

"forma Gallery" is a solo exhibition of Soviet artist-реалиста Vladimir Tokarev, a graduate of the Rostov art College and the Institute. I. E. Repin.

for the First time in the Antique Saloon single quarter "Art&Дизайн" will be dedicated to emerging art and collectible design. It involves such well-known galleries such as: "heritage", "Арт-Бокс/Е.К.Арт-Бюро", "Quantity 1/1" PA Gallery. Here will be located the mission of the Russian designers, Olga Soldatova, Anastasia Panibratov and Maria Romanova.

the Organizers 45-го Russian Antique Salon prepared a rich business and educational programs, which included: legal forum,on trafficking in movable cultural property, "lecture Treglia Trinity: history of paradox" by Sergei Zotov, co-author of the bestseller "Suffering middle Ages", the conference "Jewellery brands as a national pride of Russia", discussion from the school Masters and the Public Talk of designer Maria Romanova.

Normal (without benefits) tickets at Salon cost 500 rubles.


27 Nov, 2019. 12:00-16:00. Conference "Jewelry brands like national pride of Russia. Formation of premium market jewellery brands of Russia. Investing in jewels" Organizers: Association "National jewellery brands of Russia", Fund of development of jewellery art in Russia.

27 Nov, 2019. 17:00-19:00. Public Talk "art in the interior is not a luxury but a necessity. How to communicate effectively to all members of the art-рынка".

28 Nov, 2019. 12:00-15:00. Legal forum "the Rights and obligations of the parties in the trafficking in cultural property". The forum is expected to discuss the law enforcement practice of the law on the import and export of cultural valuables and topical issues of implementation of copyright legislation, including the right of succession and exclusive right. Organizer: international Confederation of collectors, antiquarians and art-дилеров.

28 Nov, 2019. 18:00-19:30 Lecture "Treglia Trinity: history of the paradox". Lecturer: Sergey Zotov — cultural studies, scholarship of the University of Humboldt (Berlin), laureate of the award "Educator", co-author of the bestseller "Suffering middle Ages: the paradoxes of Christian iconography". The lecture Sergey Zotov talk about what was iconographic censorship in modern times and compare the Russian situation with the West on the example of two unique works — spiritual paintings of the Flemish school of the late fifteenth century Russian icon of late XVIII century. Today, many centuries later, these works are finally included in the history of art as curiosities or rarities, but as the masterpieces of his era, on a par with more famous monuments of painting.

30 Nov, 2019. 14:00-16:00 Discussion "Antiques, collectibles, design and contemporary art collections". Organized by: Masters school.

30 Nov, 2019.17:00-18:00 Presentation of the publication "an Open letter to the Community of St. Eugenia". Publishing house "Krepostnoy" (3 volumes). The publication will present: Arsen Melitonyan, President of the Union of deltiologists of Russia, Vice-президент Union of collectors of Russia, candidate of historical Sciences, and Alexander Senkevich, doctor of philological Sciences, member of the Union of writers of Moscow. Organizer: Union of philatelists of Russia.


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