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The author of "drunken" graffiti in the bar was the most expensive Japanese artist
ARTinvestment.RU   14 октября 2019

At $24 950 000 for a two-meter canvas "Knife behind" esitomo Nara has just entered the top-10 the most expensive living artist

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About bar — story 10-летней ago. In 2009 the artist esitomo Nara (1959) before the show went to lift the mood in new-йоркское school Niagara and in the phase of "you respect me" took the token. Obviously, knowing who you are dealing with, the holders of the bar did not become him to interfere. On the walls grew rapidly manga-персонажи. However, instead of the usual gloom and aggression, they sparkled with suspicious kindness. Finished with a bar, the Japanese descended into the subway and continue. But, unlike Keith Harringa, got caught and spent the night in the office. The subway drawings were erased, and the bar owners, on the contrary, closed by a protective glass. And for many years, they remain a local landmark. Who-то even tried to assess the wall paintings in dollars and came to the figure of $5 000 000. Which is obviously nonsense.

But the fact that it's a prank made by the most expensive Japanese artist, is now a fact. October 6, 2019 at Sotheby's in Hong Kong giant acrylic esitomo Bench "Knife behind" was sold, including Commission, for $24 950 000 ("the hammer" was $21 674 000). In the ranking of most expensive living artist Nara is now 10-е, squeezing countrymen Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama the. And chimpanzee Banksy, which we wrote just a week ago, moved to 19-ю line.

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esitomo Nara (Yoshitomo Nara). Now the most expensive Japanese artist. Ranked in the top-10 living. This year celebrates 60-летний anniversary. Photo Esitomo Nara. A knife behind his back. 2000 acrylic on Canvas. 234 x 208 Price with Commission: $24 950 000 (hammer - $21 674 000) Lot 1142. Sotheby's. Hong Kong. 06.10.2019 Source: #nara #YoshitomoNara #auctionrecord #Nara #yoshitomonara

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