Art and fashion: bag Mansur Gavriel with the "mobiles" by Alexander Calder
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Capsule collection for American brand created in collaboration with the Calder Foundation and the gallery Hauser & Wirth, will go on sale October 2, 2019. Fashion handbag designers have decorated with images of famous kolarovski dynamic sculptures

a World in which leather bags worth a thousand dollars are considered "medium price range", clearly crazy. However in this episode is interesting not primarily a phenomenon of fashion-ценообразования, and another striking precedent the influence of art on fashion. And here he is again in all its glory. After all the quotes from the innovative works of American artist, who died 43 years ago, give a special style bags the new collection "Mansur Gavriel".

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Mansur Gavriel x Calder limited edition capsule collection arriving October 2nd online, in our NYC &, LA Stores and at @matchesfashion Alexander Calder reviewing the installation of .125, 1957, Idlewild Airport (now John F. Kennedy International Airport), New York, 1957 @calderfoundation @hauserwirth #mansurgavriel #calderfoundation #matchesfashion © 2019 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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Alexander Calder (1898-1976) is in the top-15 the most expensive sculptors of peace since then, as in 2014 two-meter mobile "Flying fish" was sold at Chtistie''s almost $26 000 000. One of his most striking contributions to the art was the invention of elegant abstract and less figurative kinetic sculptures — "mobile". Their flat elements are assembled on a thin wire, work like a blade, every breath of wind — and sculpture in motion.

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Bags with the "mobile" sculptor-модерниста Alexander Calder. Capsule collection the fashion house Mansur Gavriel, together with the Calder Foundation and galleries Hauser & Wirth Photo - #MansurGavriel #AlexanderCalder #bags #HauzerWirth #of accustomed

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Calder received his artistic education in the States, but its unique style found in Paris, where he moved in 1926. Perhaps the impetus for the invention of abstract moving sculptures was his impression from the visit of one of the first planetariums (in Europe they appeared in 1923). In France he befriended and worked with joana Miro, Piet Mondrian, Fernand Leger, etc., and "mobile" is believed to be a moving sculpture for the first time called eccentric Marcel Duchamp in 1931. In 1960-х years Calder mobiles in addition have made many of the monumental stable — hard static sculptures that are safe for public spaces. They are installed in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Israel.

Mansur Gavriel — is relatively young (launched in 2012), but already well-known in the United States fashion brand. It was named after the names of the creators of — American Rachel Mansur and Germans Florian Gabriel. Development of models of bags, clothes, shoes and accessories is in the new-Йорке, and the production is in Italy. Asreference works for the design of four types of handbags were selected four works by Alexander Calder: the mobile 1972, gouache 1974-го and mobiles 1941 and 1955. About the price not yet known. But the same, only without the Calder on the skin, there are around 50 000-80 000.

and finally, a little food for thought. Let not a thousand dollars, but for $2 000-3 000 of it is not a bag with a picture of Calder and the Calder and beautiful with his signature. About as much now at auction are limited edition lithographs by this artist. They are large (under 80 cm), bright, original, signed, and released a relatively small circulation (75-120 copies). Can't say it's a perfect investment: limited edition works are not rapidly increasing in price. But it will please the eye for years. Shoes will not wear out and will never go out of fashion. Well, the original Calder's works are, of course, already absolutely other money. Large, under meter, gouache with watercolor at auction are sold in the price range of $30 000-100 000 and more. The most expensive picture it — gouache 1944, sold two years ago at Christie's for $438 500. And of course, the most expensive segment — sculpture. If you watch the last auction sale, the short-run (6 copies) bronze mobili at international auctions cost around $200 000-300 000. Small (20-30 cm) mobili 1960-х years — under $500 000. Meter — closer to a million, five-foot — to three, and so on to infinity.


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