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Created a new "paint" — is blacker than Vantablack
ARTinvestment.RU   19 сентября 2019

Another material that almost completely absorbs the light, created by scientists at mit. It allows artists to create spectacular objects, the shape of which is not discernible to the human eye

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the Americans invented a new coating of nanotubes, almost does not reflect light. The sculptural object "painted" this material, the viewer will not be able to distinguish neither shape nor volume. The object visually becomes flat. This material is long time waiting for painters and sculptors. Closest analogue exclusively owns Anish Kapoor, and not let anyone to use it. #supertiny #vantablack #Kapoor

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the new material is not yet commercial names, unlike the famous Vantablack. But it is better. Dense stockade of carbon nanotubes grown on the surface of the aluminum foil absorbs is 99.995% of light. While Vantablack absorbs "only" 99,965 %. The difference in the second digit after the decimal point. That is, for the most part it is scientists dispute, the audience is unlikely to be able to see the difference.

New material is not yet sold, and it is waiting for artists. Let me remind you that Vantablack usurped the sculptor Anish Kapoor. He bought an exclusive license from the developer "Wantable", the British company NanoSystems, and banned the use of superchannel color to all the other artists.

In Vantablack there are several close analogues, but they are also not entered in the commercial sale. They are used by NASA, military and scientists (in telescopes and other complex optics). From what you can buy, the closest, say, Black 2.0. It's not the nanotube, and what-то "blend" of traditional black pigments. It is still noticeably inferior to "Wantable", provides glare and shadow. But it is much cheaper and at least are on sale. 150 ml bottle Black 2.0 costs about $ 1000, and buy it can anyone except Anish Kapoor, who is the inventor of the new paint was forbidden to sell it.

But back to the new "supercarrier" nanotubes. This effect, when the eye ceases to understand the shape and volume, it would be better to see live. And it can be done even now, if you're in new-Йорке. In the building of the new-Йоркской stock exchange takes place the exhibition "the Redemption of vanity", in which the artist shows Dimout Strebe 16,8-каратный diamond price of $2 000 000 in the non-reflective coating. Say, a spectacular sight. Visitors do can not distinguish between any of the facets on a precious stone.


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