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"Victory over the sun" in the new issue of the magazine "Mirror"
ARTinvestment.RU   03 сентября 2019

A room dedicated to the completion of the exhibition in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, dedicated to avant-garde trends in Russian art of the XX-XXI century

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When the hundredth time you bother to answer the question: "Да what good is your black box?" and other "ребенок so draw", will help medical link to article Tatyana Goryacheva, an expert on Russian avant-garde. It's called "Почти all about "Черном square"" and published in the latest issue of "Зеркало".

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the Material was assembled drums, the room will adorn the library of any connoisseur of the first and second Russian avant-garde. In particular, it published a programmatic article by Tatiana Goryacheva (expert on Russian avant-garde from the Tretyakov gallery) "Nearly all the Black box". The link to this text can be easily sent in response to all the aggressive "what good is your black box!" and "This is not art!". No need to wasting time to educate. In the article the expert in accessible language explains the meanings, talks about the hoax with the dates of creation and about other twists of fate the most famous "rectangle" in the world.

Another article Goryacheva "Pro figurine" dedicated to the birth of futuristic theater in Russia. In particular, the article focuses on the non-plan Lissitzky – the Opera "victory over the sun", as "Electromechanical performance, where instead of the actors had to act "figurine" ‒ huge puppets, driven Electromechanical plant".

Room opens review "Russia. The twentieth century: from avant-garde to underground" the Jerusalem curator of the exhibition Tatiana Cirkovic. It is his concept of the exhibition - as the evolution of ideas of the avant-garde in the art of several generations.

the subject of the article Lely Kantor-Казовской "In the Wake of the Russian avant-garde: independent art in Russia 1960-2000-х years", as it defines the author, "is varied and complex reflection on the Russian avant-garde 1910-1920-х years of free (i.e., unofficial) Russian art of the second half of the twentieth and early twenty-first century". A logical continuation of the publication was detailed interviews with Kantor-Казовской one of the characters of his article, Mikhail Grobman appears here not only as an artist but as one of the most known collectors of Russian avant-garde art.

the Artist Vadim Zakharov, presented at the exhibition "victory over the sun..." installation "History of Russian art from avant-garde to the Moscow conceptual school," ironically draws back to the tradition of the avant-garde as a kind of social-художественный the Apocalypse: "the Risen dead last with trembling triangles instead of hands and heads instead of squares will be to sow terror, and we cannot escape from that".

Section "Video perspective" made up of two texts, essays Mikhail Grobman on "Malevich" and essays of Michael Allenova "Around "the Black square"". The first defines the Suprematism of Malevich as "a kind ofart of Judaism", while the second sees the "Black square" symbols Christian.

under the heading "Links" came in early, mostly unpublished poems of David Burliuk, selected them and copied in 1933 in the so-called "notebook in brocade binding." A selection of poems called Burliuk "Souvenirs". The author the introductory article - Eugene Demenok. The third block of text column @ - a a collection of aesthetic manifestos of the "Movement", written in 1960-е years, the artist Lev Nusberg, party of the Second Russian avant-garde, the founder and Director of the kinetic group "Movement", the author of the first Russian performances.

Completes the coffee room the publication of the poems of another representative of the Second Russian avant-garde Vladimir Chovancova (1938-1986).

All materials 53-го room mirrors already free read here.


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