MTS has made a new collaboration with digital AES F
ARTinvestment.RU   13 августа 2019

The mobile operator launched a mask for "Instagram" that transforms the portraits of the users in mask of the Chimera project Inveso Mundus Russian art-группы

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Lovers of modern art: MTS launched mask for instagram with chimeras of the project Inverso Mundus art-группы AES f #aesf #inversomundus #mts #aes #filtermask

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With subdomain on the smartphone, you can download three masks: the CI Chimera, Chimera, the Sphinx, Chimaera fish and helmet-коммуникатор. However, at the time of testing was able to run only the last (well, fix). The mask, in fact, it's a graphic effect that allows on-the-fly to transform the user's avatar. In the case of AES F the owners of smartphones have the ability to become the characters "Upside down world" created by artists. Chimera — the most recognizable characters of the project Inveso Mundus, by the Russian team in 2015. It was named in honor of absurdist medieval genre in which characters change roles: pig cut up the carcass of the butcher, student punishes teacher, the driver carries a donkey and a beggar of alms the rich man. As in the video AES F, the "inverted worlds" in the engravings 450-летней ago was inhabited by the images of fish flying in the sky, demons and chimeras.

F AES (an abbreviation of the names of the participants: Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Eugene svyatskiy, Vladimir Fridkes) — is a rare example of a group of Russian artists known world-wide. Their conceptual projects with great success was shown in recent years not only the best Russian sites, but in the best foreign museums. Auction record for creativity was established in 2008 (the peak of the prices for Russian art) — $245 000 for the sculpture "Warrior #4" from The Last Riot. But this is an exceptional case. Often we are talking about amounts 10 times lower. The majority of sales favorites of collectors takes place in the galleries. The auction market is still very volatile. The estimate for a gigantic prints of the famous projects at international auctions lie in the range of $10 000-20 000. Photographs (pigment print) medium size at the Russian auctions occasionally come across in the price range of $1000-3000. Sculptures are already tens of thousands of euros. In particular, large devils from the Angels project-Demons & First Rider at the last exchange RA&AF in the Arena cost around $28 000. However, potential buyers need to exercise caution: the sale of works F AES monitors UPRAVI.


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