In Gostiny Dvor serves Moscow art fair
ARTinvestment.RU   04 июля 2019

MHA will run from 11 July to 11 August 2019. Yes, a whole month. The fair will be attended by antique galleries, moved in Gostiny Dvor from the closed Central house of artists, and other art dealers

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In Gostiny Dvor formed art-квартал. The backbone of - gallery relocated from CHA. July 11, many people will take part in the new MHA - Moscow art fair there in the atrium of Gostiny Dvor #Artcurial #cha #hostingweb #antique #expopark

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I have a week, with almost no information, advertising is also heard — certainly not fake by any chance? But no. It turns out that all true. Preparing for the fair is in full swing. The exhibition will be located in the most luxurious place — in the atrium of Gostiny Dvor. The fair is planned universal format. That is, there will be antique and modern. Art — theme for the city is interesting, intelligent and with tourist potential. In the short term in the complex on Ilyinka intended to organize specialized cultural cluster — art-квартал "Gostiny Dvor". And Moscow art fair, essence, the first event in the framework of this initiative. To the new place faster all turned out, the organizers gave the galleries a lavish financial conditions of participation in MHA. So good that some even rented not one, but several larger stands.

recall that after the closure of the Central house of artists, several galleries-арендаторов accepted the invitation of the Director of the "Expo-парка" Vasily Bychkov to move into the premises of Gostiny Dvor. A place of prestige, atmospheric. Tall ceilings and the Kremlin side. The rent really managed to do not higher than in CHA. Yet moved not all, who gave the go-ahead. But some galleries have already finished the repair and involved in the work. Open gallery Kardasidis, "Art-Союз", "Russian avant-garde 1910-30-х years," Borovkova, "vellum" Lubov Agafonova and others, finishes repair gallery of modern art "Flight". The gallery is now not sitting door to door, as before, on the second floor of the Central house of artists. Between their premises there are offices of other companies. Without habits a bit hard to navigate. But soon it should become easier. For the art-квартала will make overall navigation and routing, seen from a distance signs, infostand. But that is another story.

MHA Fair opens at 14:00 on 11 July, and then will be open daily from 12:00 to 20:00. Unlike other similar events, the entrance will be free.


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