The most expensive painting in the world disappeared out of sight
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First, the "Savior of the world" is not exposed as intended, in September 2018 in the new Emirati "the Louvre Abu-Даби". It happens. Sometimes suffer because waiting for a more appropriate time. But it is nearing midnight, and Herman all there

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Suddenly, the newspaper "new-Йорк times" asked a simple question: why Leonardo disappeared? And where is "the Savior of the world"? All-таки speech is about the most expensive painting, when-либо in history sold at auction.

And then suddenly revealed that no one knows. Neither the Museum nor the alleged owners, nor the authorities. Or guess, but don't want to talk.

it is Clear that Leonardo did not tyut'ky ate, not the mafia kidnapped, and no tsunami washed away. And the rest of the report, where what is going on with her, there is no obligation. We are talking about private ownership and the new owner initially avoided publicity. Moreover, it quickly became clear that an excess of attention has not always been in favor of the reputation of famous paintings. In particular, observers and maintainers-прежнему haunt questions of authenticity and the degree of intervention in restoration work.

Briefly describe what is written "new-Йорк times":

1. The screening was scheduled in the "Louvre Abu-Даби" on 18 September 2018. But it was postponed without explanation. Guide UAE the Louvre didn't make that clear explanation.

2. Employees are Emirati Louvre privately say that the location of the picture unknown to them. Employee of the Louvre in Paris is anonymously reported that in the French Museum also do not know where Leonardo is now.

3. Diane, Modestini, Professor, Institute of fine arts new-Йоркского University and restorer, who worked on "Savior of the world" does not know or does not say, where is the picture.

4. Martin Kemp, an Oxford art historian, who studied the picture, said that he did not know where she is.

5. Informed expert Jacques Franck, an expert in painting of Leonardo, has sent several letters to the President of the France Emmanuel Macron, which laid out doubts about the authenticity of the painting. Chief of staff of the Makron Francois-Ксавье Lawh wrote in response to that the President with great attention reacted to these warnings.

6. The article remembered existed long reproaches for restoration. Say, after copious interference pattern is now equally a creation of Professor Diane, Modestine. The woman called the charges nonsense.

7. The Saudi Embassy in Washington (assuming that the actual buyer of the painting was the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) did not give information on the whereabouts of the painting.

8. Yes, you correctly noted that the prospective beneficial owner — Saudi Prince, and the picture was going to exhibit in the Museum of the UAE, that is in the neighboring country.

9. Yes, you remembered correctly: Prince Mohammed bin Salman American intelligence agencies believe the possible customer of murder last fall of a dissident Jamal Khashoggi, a columnist for the Washington post. It is believed that he was ambushed, was killed and was dismembered by Saudi agents at the Consulate in Istanbul.

10. Last time, the following picture was seen in Zurich in the autumn of last year. Modestini heard that the insurance company was summoned to a Switzerland expert on the restoration for the examination of paintings. But the inspection did not take place and since thenLeonardo no hearing, nor spirit.

in Fact, the main conclusion that can be drawn from the article "new-Йорк times," the following: author David Kirkpatrick and his assistants interviewed the broadest possible range of informed people, as well as representatives of official bodies, and was convinced: they do not know or do not want to talk. Which is quite strange and allows you to build your own speculative version. Why could hypothetically hide Leonardo? For example:

1. The Saudi owner decided not to give knowingly a blockbuster exhibition at the Museum of the neighboring country. Will be useful for the development of its cultural infrastructure, and for other things.

2. Decided to put additional comprehensive studies away from prying eyes to get concrete evidence of the authenticity and correctness of restoration. Christie's warranty is five years, who knows what.

3. The picture just decided better to put in order, fix up that-то of restoration, to consider means of preservation and protection. All-таки her for over 500 years and at one time got tight from grief-реставраторов.

4. The alleged owner has decided to wait until the dust settles a storm of negative publications that mention his name (especially about the monstrous crime in Istanbul).

5. The initiator of the transfer with a loud public display could be with the French authorities or the French Louvre, which granted his license to the Museum in Abu-Даби. Why? For reputational reasons. Museums became important for the reputation of those, whose money are loud shows and other cultural events. Now in Western countries started this campaign on the failure of museums sponsorship money. For example, gaining the turnover of the scandal with sponsorship from of the family of Sakharov who generously donated to museums. Named in their honor halls in the metro, in the same Louvre and other museums around the world. Now, it is unclear how to deal with it, after the family had called the perpetrators of the opioid epidemic. And their donations have done with the money from the sale of oxycontin threat, which has placed the Americans. Another example — the refusal of the National gallery in London from sponsorship money the petrochemical company Shell, to which there are claims of conservationists. Previously for similar reasons, the cat ran between Tate and BP. The trend is strong. And soon nobody will want to get under the hand for a wrong choice of sponsors.

While we can only guess. But the intuition that the real reason for the disappearance of Leonardo turns out pretty soon and will be disappointingly banal.

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