Portrait of Picasso, stolen from the yacht of a Saudi Sheikh was found 20 years later
ARTinvestment.RU   28 марта 2019

"Portrait of Dora Maar", now valued at $25 million, found through the efforts of art-детектива Arthur brand, which has long been dubbed "the Indiana Jones of the art world"

"Portrait of Dora Maar" (1938) by Picasso was stolen in 1999 from the yacht of a Saudi Sheikh Abdul Mohsen, who was standing at the time off the coast of Antibes (one of the resorts on the French Riviera). Since then, the French police tried in vain to find a picture and eventually closed the case. But came to the rescue of art-детектив Arthur brand, previously managed to find the stolen from Cyprus of ancient mosaic and two bronze sculptures of Josef thorak.

brand began for the trail of the portrait of Picasso four years ago when he heard rumors that the picture goes where-то on the black market in the Netherlands. It was used as a bargaining chip in illegal transactions of drugs and weapons. It was about what-то "Picasso stolen from the ship." Several years and several dead-end branches of the investigation — and the detective finally learned that this is the Picasso that was stolen from the yacht Abdul Mohsen.

Then he put out the word about looking for the job. Soon, through two agents came to him a businessman, with whom this painting was paid in the transaction. As it turned out, the transaction was legal, and the method of payment — no. In the end, the painting by Picasso, painted in 1938, and hanging in the artist's home until his death in 1973, brought to the doorstep of Arthur brand wrapped in a blanket and black garbage bags.

At the time of the theft, this Picasso is estimated at $ 7 million, and at today's art-рынке its price can reach $ 25 million. The painting was returned to the owner — but not to Mohsen, and the insurance company paid long victim Sheikh costs.

Sources: artdaily.com, nytimes.com, artinvestment.ru

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