Gallery "vellum" has denied the information about the theft of the paintings on Prechistenka
ARTinvestment.RU   19 марта 2019

No artwork was not stolen. The information spread by some media, was false

the owner of the gallery "vellum" Love Agafonov made a formal comment in connection with spread in the media about the disappearance in the gallery center "Artifact" several paintings.


"on March 18, 2019 from the back room of the gallery center "Artifact" missing camera belonging to the owner of the gallery "vellum" L. Agafonova. On this fact the written statement of the crime and is currently being tested.

No art objects are not stolen and the relevant official information neither the police nor the media representatives “Vellum” and “Artifact” is provided.

the Spreading of false information in the media have caused reputational damage as the gallery "vellum" and gallery center "Artifact". The situation became a sensation, apparently, in connection with the recent theft from the State Tretyakov gallery by A. Kuindzhi "ay-Петри".

We believe that the situation is exhausted and is of no interest at the moment.

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