Banksy has filed a lawsuit against the Milan Museum
ARTinvestment.RU   28 февраля 2019

Hiding the identity of the artist, the author of the slogan "Copyright — for losers", dissatisfied with the unauthorized selling of branded Souvenirs with images of his work

the Italian Museum MUDEC in Milan until 14 April 2019, opened the exhibition "the Art of Banksy. Visual protest." The ticket costs 16 euros. From Banksy, as usual, did not ask permission. Banksy, as usual, has put the exhibition in section Fake on its website. Before this, as a rule, his displeasure and limited.

But not this time. Museum why-то launched to this exhibition notepads, calendars, greeting cards, erasers — all small things with a picture of Banksy. And this, apparently, was the last straw of the author. The artist sued. Not personally, but from Pest Control company, which is authorized to issue certificates of authenticity on his work. And unexpectedly, the judge has partially satisfied the requirements. General conclusion is this: use images in the exhibition, the Museum had the right to pay Souvenirs — had not.

What can I say... Informal, for years denying the copyright and all of a sudden having legal proceedings for copyright with the Museum, — is unexpected. To seek protection to the system, the criticism which is one of the main emotional promises of your art, — are fans of Banksy's unlikely to forget. However, rather, it is a signal to all the organizers of numerous exhibitions of works by Banksy — say, the former Libertines ends. On the other hand, the path of lawsuits poses a threat to the artist himself. In addition to reputational losses (what partisan appeals to the state as organization of violence?), there are new potential risks to carefully maintain anonymity. Imagine what-нибудь the court you require once to establish the identity of the actual plaintiff. Or defendant — in the case of the counterclaim. And then in search of Banksy will go not reporters, not photographers, and "competent authorities". Is it worth it for the sake of-то Yes erasers notepads?


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