19-метровым demon from the project Hirst will adorn the pool in the States
ARTinvestment.RU   09 января 2019

This is perhaps the most famous item of the Venetian hoax of Damien Hirst — sculpture "the Demon without a head with a bowl in his hands"

a Gigantic statue bought for the pool at my Palms Resort Casino brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta. They are longtime fans of the British artist. In particular, the bar of their hotel already decorates shark in formaldehyde and a lot of paintings Damien Hirst.

a Reasonable question but you never know who and what I bought for the bar or casino? But this is a special case. The demon in the pool Las Vegas affects not just the size (it is above 5-этажного house). This is a bronze version of the widely debated sculpture that made a strong impression on the audience in 2017 in Venice, the exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. At that time Hirst has designed and implemented the project "Treasures from the shipwreck of "the Incredible"" (Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable), which has invested about $50 000 000. According to legend, a ship "Incredible" carrying a strange collection of things a wealthy Turk, was sunk where-то in the I–II century off the coast of East Africa. In 2008, he allegedly found the group of divers and discovered the works of the Aztec, Inca, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. Everything looked exciting and even plausible. If the face of one of the goddesses did not look like Kate moss, while other sculptures not peeking, goofy, Mickey-Маус and other "media" characters in culture of the XX century.

Indicative market value "of a Demon without a head with a bowl in his hands" is $14 000 000 (the exact price is not known). But it's definitely money not to the wind. Such rare objects are reliably attract tourists, guests and visitors in conditions of high competition in the realm of Vegas. The Fertitta brothers with Hearst as Arabs with Da Vinci, believe that the future — for the symbiosis of culture and business. We have such a collaboration while a rarity. But if what-то and there (like sculpture in one of the towers of Moscow-Сити), don't get a thousandth of the media coverage compared to the Hurst and Palms.

Source: news.artnet.com

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