Olafur Eliasson brought to London, 30 Greenland icebergs
ARTinvestment.RU   12 декабря 2018

Installations from the melting of the icebergs on the banks of the Thames and downtown London, the artist wanted to draw the attention of residents and guests of the British capital the adverse consequences of the greenhouse effect

the Project Icelandic-датского artist Olafur Eliasson called "Ice watch London". Together with geologist Minik rosinkom the artist caught by the fjord in the South-западной part of Greenland 30 icebergs weighing from 1.5 to 6 tons. These centuries-old pieces of ice when-то was part of the Greenland ice sheet, but under the influence of global warming had split off and gone to free swimming. Eliasson put them on the ships with refrigeration units, have taken to the English port of Imingema, and from there trucks transported to London. 24 he put the iceberg on the river Thames near the Tate gallery (which in 2019 will host a retrospective on him), and 6 icebergs left to melt on the square in the business quarter of London near the buildings Michael Bloomberg, has acted as one of sponsors of the project.

According to the artist, the aim of the project was to "give the opportunity to millions of people living and visiting London face to face face the consequences of their actions, to see and feel the what we lose". Perhaps this contact with the melting icebergs will help people to change their behavior. As an environmentally responsible artist, Eliasson is going to calculate what the carbon footprint will leave of his own action. According to preliminary estimates, the flow of funds and energy in bringing one of the iceberg in London will be approximately equal to the cost of the journey from London to the Arctic and back one person who wants to see how melting the world's glaciers. Only in London these icebergs will see not one, but millions of people.

Sources: artnet.com, artinvestment.ru

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