The French don't want the "bouquet of tulips" by Koons
ARTinvestment.RU   24 января 2018

French cultural figures wrote an open letter in which he opposed the installation in Paris of a huge sculpture of Jeff Koons "tulips" in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks 2015

the story of the installation of the monument of Jeff Koons "tulips" has dragged on for more than a year. In November 2016, the artist made an official statement that "gifts" in the French capital 12-метровый a monument in the form of a hand with a bouquet of multicolored balloons. As conceived by Koons, his sculpture should be sent to the most famous Parisian gift new-Йорку — the Statue of Liberty and become a memorial to the victims of several horrendous terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris in autumn 2015. According to official data, in the context of several terrorist attacks that occurred almost simultaneously on the evening of 13 November, 130 people were killed and 350 people were injured.

But the word "give" Jeff Koons was not referring to the monument itself, and the idea of the monument. And money on the installation in the amount of 3.5 million euros, the French proposed to collect yourself. as of June 2017 thanks to the sponsors and patrons 3 million euros has been collected, and another 500 thousand Euro was to be the concern of taxpayers.

But not only is confused by the French in the work of Koons. In the above open letter, which was signed by two dozen artists, including renowned Director Olivier Assayas and former Minister of culture, frédéric Mitterrand, in addition to monetary aspects are formulated, and other "but" against the project. The work of Koons likened the letter hidden is: "a Brilliant and imaginative author in 1980-х, Jeff Koons has now become a symbol of industrial art stamping — as spectacular as they are speculative," — write French cultural figures.

the authors of the letter not only put forward views against the installation of the monument, but also asked a series of questions. In particular: if the purpose of the monument — to honour the memory of victims of the most brutal terrorist attacks when-либо took place on French soil, why not been declared competition of projects with participation of French authors?

the French cultural figures, including artists Christian Boltanski and Jean-Люк Moulin also interested in the question: why Koons for his memorial, chose a site between the two fashion museums of modern art, and not near those places where the attacks occurred directly — at the stadium "Stade de France" concert hall "Bataclan" and surrounding restaurants?


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