Piotrovsky: "the Exhibition of Damien Hirst, we will not"
ARTinvestment.RU   05 декабря 2017

Mikhail Piotrovsky said that the Hirst exhibition in the Hermitage is not planned from-за too high requirements put forward by the representatives of the British artist

In the traditional, twentieth Internet-встречи subscribers social networking Hermitage Museum Director, Mikhail Piotrovsky asked about whether when-нибудь in the Hermitage the exhibition of Damien Hirst. The answer was unequivocal: "the Exhibition of Damien Hirst we will not in the near nor in the subsequent time".

Mikhail Piotrovsky said that the Hermitage at the time was negotiating with the people of Hurst, wanted to put his diamond skull. But the conditions demanded by representatives Hurst, Director of the Hermitage, significantly overlap the conditions that are requested for exhibiting paintings of Leonardo, Raphael and jewels of the crowns of the various European powers. Hurst people "demanded greater respect than the Hermitage could provide".

"For museums are always fun to put artists and for any artist it is an honor to exhibit in the famous Museum — politesse of that kind should be respected", — said Piotrovsky. In the case of Hirst that did not happen, and Hurst became the Hermitage is not interesting. "We are interested in Anselm Kiefer. Feel the difference", — signed Piotrovsky.

Source: vk.com

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