Estonian post released a stamp with a painting of the sixties Hulot Sooster
ARTinvestment.RU   23 ноября 2017

The stamp on the envelope Estonian designer has placed a reproduction of the painting "Fairy tale forest" in 1962 the brush of the legendary sixties from Sretenskaya group

Original painting reproduced on a postage stamp lies in the Estonian art Museum.

Julo Sooster — is one of the most famous artists of Estonian origin and one of the main artists of the Russian unofficial art. He studied in Tartu, on trumped-up charges were sent to Stalin's camps for 10 years (released after 7 years), after his release, he moved to Moscow. Sooster called Candlemas party group (an informal community of artists whose workshops were in the area Sretensky Boulevard, — Kabakov, Pivovarov, Yankilevsky, etc.). The artist earned a living book graphics, worked with the publishing house "Knowledge", "Knowledge — force", where the main artist was his friend Yuri Sobolev-Нолев. Together with him, and more with friends and Yankilevsky Unknown artist Julo Sooster participated in the Manege exhibition of 1962, where he had a "conversation" with Khrushchev.

Today Julo Sooster — is one of the most sought-after artists among collectors of unofficial Russian art. the most expensive, rare and one of the most counterfeited.

17 October 2017 the favorite role would have turned 93 years. The artist died in Moscow on 25 October 1970, he died very young at 46 years old. His son, Tenno also became an artist: works exhibited and lives in Israel, has promoted the heritage of the father.


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