In France, the police destroyed the art-инсталляцию, thinking it was a grow room for marijuana
ARTinvestment.RU   12 июля 2017

Among the cultivated in an abandoned field in Lyon plants were really cannabis, but it was intended to create environmentally friendly building material hempcrete. It was an installation within the first Lyon Biennale of architecture

Job Aire D'attente (the"waiting Area") by French artist Thierry Butane (Thierry Boutonnier) in collaboration with the architectural firm Architectures Paysages Fabriques meant the conversion of wasteland of La Confluence in Lyon city centre in the urban agro-ecosystem. A few years ago in France has introduced a new innovative building material hempcrete ("hempcrete" — literally: "hemp bricks") made of a mixture of limestone, sand and hemp. This eco-friendly material, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in return. Thierry Botonee near centre of contemporary art La Sucrière sowed a field of flax, barley and hemp. Not the kind of hemp used to make marijuana, and one in which almost no narcotic drugs and which anciently used in the national economy. From the harvest was supposed to make blocks of hempcrete. Samples of the "hemp bricks" was presented inside the contemporary art center.

However, to realize the creative idea Butone failed due to-за vigilant Lyon police. Police officers took the field for illegal farm on cultivation of marijuana and uprooted all the plants. Architecture biennial closed two weeks early. Frustrated participants complained that the police would be enough to track someone-то of those involved in the project to get clarification. The police is justified by the fact that near the field there was no signs indicating that this is a work of art. Error police are generally clear and understandable: cannabis, possessing narcotic properties, and varieties, those which have little, virtually indistinguishable in appearance.


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