London Tagsmart has launched a system DNA-меток to protect against fake paintings
ARTinvestment.RU   16 мая 2017

Unlike previous attempts to bring order to the authenticity of the new system is already supported by such leaders of public opinion, as Gary Hume, Marc Quinn, Chuck close and Eric Fishl

the phantom of the certification and the chipping is haunting not only in Russia but also in Europe. New DNA-метка Tagsmart — is a round sticker of less than 4 cm in diameter, which is marked QR-код and letter-цифровая combination. Sticker — flexible so as not to interfere when folding the canvas into a tube. It is reported that Tagsmart has 20 levels of protection and generally high-тек, which the world had never seen. The word DNA must not be misleading. Under the sticker, of course, no sweat, no blood artist. Only in a figurative sense. Talking about synthetic DNA, that is, the algorithm, cipher, digital signature, which establish a guaranteed connection between the painting and its author. Of course, the smart sticker corresponds to a particular record in the database and the digital certificate.

How much does it cost? Artnet says that about $155 for the label. Wow. But on the other hand, for the work Quinn and Tesla a penny.

it would Seem why so many difficulties, if the pattern can be old-fashioned to write far more cheap paper certificate of authenticity? There are at least two plausible explanations. In fact, even one. His name is — sale on the Internet. In the same article, Artnet provides the results of the Hiscox survey two years ago, according to which 66 % of buyers are afraid of acquisitions in the Internet out of fear to buy a fake. That, in General, so clear, even a survey could not be arranged. As it is clear that the presence of Tagsmart really is a plus when buying. In turn, for successful artists Tagsmart — a way to ensure that the threshold of his Studio to cross only those things that are finished and designed for buyers. Yes, painting is affected to a lesser extent, but for tiriki quite true. In this case at Tagsmart is provided a more affordable solution — $26 for a label for graphs.

tiracol, by the way, the issue is long overdue. One of the important examples — market photographs of Vladislav Mamyshev-Монро. Among them are many true author, but not signed. How to sell today — is not clear. A lot is at stake at the level of reputation: people in the know ensure that it is certainly Monroe and sell to those who trust them. But for new buyers this "authorization" — is a serious problem. And these risks are clearly holding back the market a particular author.

In General, the success of the idea with DNA-метками Tagsmart depends on whether it is supported by a wide range of artists and will the collectors EN masse to demand from the authors of digital signatures. To be implemented from scratch. But it is clear that sooner or later it would come to this. It is unlikely that the art market, like other markets, will be able long to resist the blockchain.


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