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The best sites of Artists
ARTinvestment.RU   03 апреля 2012

Selected resource Artinfo

Resource Artinfo compiled a list of the most interesting Internet-сайтов artists. It, alas, was not included, although there were thanks to the star names of their owners, the sites of Damien Hirst (Damien Hirst) and Gerhard Richter (Gerhard Richter). If the site of the latter (gerhard-richter.com) resembles in appearance the now-deceased, once-popular [email protected] ndashхостинг, Hurst and the Internet, as always, decided on a bold experiment: on its website in real-time is Internet-трансляция from his Studio, which can be seen as the assistants of the artist creating the next multimillion-dollar masterpiece (damienhirst.com). However, all is far from being a visual feast, which is offered to those who walks on the Network, other artists experimenting with new media and transforming its Internet-страницу in an independent work of art.

Nostalgic for old Internet-временам versed in computer technology Arkangel American Cory (Cory Arcangel). His website is made in the style of the early Internet, as evidenced by his naive-ироничный, old-fashioned title: "Internet-вебсайт and portal Corey Arcangel": coryarcangel.com.

Website of conceptual artist Tauba Auerbach (Tauba Auerbach) taubaauerbach.com reminds the message of aliens: only breaking through is hard to understand the mysterious script font where with great difficulty to discern the outlines of ordinary words, it is possible to get to the bottom — gallery of artist's works and other content.

the Website of John Baldessari (John Baldessari) interesting device menu: it grows and branches like a tree, each branch of which leads to the name of a specific section: baldessari.org.

Site rowdy Banksy (Banksy) happy handwritten font menu, stylish design portfolio and a hilarious section called "Frequently asked questions": banksy.co.uk.

Inventive no less, but rather even more Italian colleague Banksy, a street artist Blu (Blu), whose website is designed in the form of a notebook, the various tabs where you play the role of the menu: blublu.org.

British family art-дуэт Jake and Dinos Chapman (Jake & Dinos Chapman, jakeanddinoschapman.com) are true to yourself and in the design of the site, where there are sections under the title "Damn guestbook", "what are we working On at this very moment", as well as a glimpse into the Studio of the brothers via web-трансляцию, which, however, gives what-то messy image with a jerky camera, set-то at floor level: whether it is a serious approach by Damien Hirst!

If you are interested in digital art, the perfect alternative to pathetic (or Vice versa — joking) sites known artists will team online-художников Computers Club — computersclub.org.

Another amusing instance in the gallery art sites — page of the Internet-художницы Petra Cortright (Petra Cortright), creating a video performances with the help of web-камеры. On the main page — real mess of a variety of emoticons, issuing a devoted fan of the author online-общения.

the Website of Wim Delvaux (Wim Delvoye) wimdelvoye.be executed in the game (and playful) manner. Main page — townentitled WimCity (a reference to the famous computer game), each building which is decorated with funny animation, — introduction to one of the sections of the site and area of creativity ironic Belgian.

the Website of Shepard Fairey (Shepard Fairey) obeygiant.com made in the same red-черном graphic style and his famous works. Besides the fact that one can observe the works of the artist, on this website you can see his blog where he talks about political issues.

the Website of David Hockney (David Hockney) hockneypictures.com pleased with the wonderful hand-drawn introductory page, within the same design is concise and rigorous. By the way, here you can find a section containing drawings Hockney made on the iPhone.

the Website of the Dutch-бельгийского Duo pioneers of Internet-арта JODI jodi.org is a tangled maze of endless boxes, digital dead ends — a living monument to the HTML and primordial computer world.

Website of Anish Kapoor (Anish Kapoor) anishkapoor.com — conceptual exercise in simplicity, as all his work. Anything extra: on the main page just a list of works, but a complete and exhaustive, where each row of the list — link to the page with relevant illustrations.

Goofy humor that fills the works of the Japanese Misaki Kawai (Kawai Misaki), and fills its website misakikawai.com: on the main page, the visitor encounters a collection of colorful characters in the style of "children's creativity".

the Website Takashi Murakami (Takashi Murakami) english.kaikaikiki.co.jp/artists — is, generally speaking, the resource of his company Kaikai Kiki, a good corporate website, showing the goods — young artists promoted by Murakami, — face and another example of the profound view-presentation: today, as you know, meet on Internet-сайту.

Rafael Rozendal (Rafael Rozendaal, newrafael.com) — artist working in the genre of new media, creates websites as art-объекты. His new creation — page that nice old-fashioned icons are all when-либо created online-произведения art.

the British artist Keith Tyson (Keith Tyson), obsessed with systematicity, its creativity at its curious site keithtyson.com is in the form of the universe, where each piece — a separate planet.

the Website of the Seoul Internet-дуэта Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries yhchang.com — tribute to the stylish retro-минимализму. On page collected original animation team: they appeal to visitors with blinking text and expressive music.

and for a snack — website American Andrea Zittel (Andrea Zittel) zittel.org — has a corporate resource, this time a fake. Under the guise of advertising a fictional artist of the company "A to Z Administrative services" hiding the story about her art-проектах, but just curious here, perhaps, blog — simple and everyday, made absolutely no claims, in which the artist tells how the feeding of the turtles and repair the house.

Source: artinfo.com, artinvestment.ru

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