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The third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - "Against Exclusion"
ARTinvestment.RU   21 сентября 2009

Sept. 25 at the Center of Contemporary Culture "Garage", a third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art "against exclusion", which will present works of 78 artists viewers all over

Sept. 25 at the Center of Contemporary Culture "Garage", a third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, which will last until October 25, 2009. It will be known as "Against the exception, but not be limited to a given topic, as it was in years past. Freedom of creative artists, passionate visionary search, it is difficult to fit into the strict thematic framework. Determining the place in Moscow in a series of world cultural capitals, Moscow Biennale intends to open new horizons beyond the standard boundaries of contemporary art.

Biennial - 2009 will provide viewers 78 artists from all continents. Among them are names already familiar to exhibitions in museums and galleries, while other work shows bright and lively artistic gesture outside the established system of traditional market. The exhibition's curator Jean-Hubert Martin (France) with the participation Olivier Varenna (MONA, Hobart, Australia) and Matthias Visser (Zero Foundation, Duesseldorf, Germany) has chosen works, offering answers to topical questions of contemporary society. Curator decision will be metaphorical, aesthetic, and valued character.

list of artists Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

1. Marina Abramovic

2. AEC F

3. Aji VN

4. Yuri Albert

5. Ghada Amer

6. El Anatsui

7. Yoshito Azuma

8. Jose Bedia

9. Michel Blazy

10. Alexander Brodsky

11. Berlinde de Bruykere

12. Frederick Bruhl Bouabré

13. Celeste Bursa Muzheno

14. Cohen Vanmehelen

15. Stanislav Volyazlovsky

16. Navurapu Vunungmurra

17. Erwin Wurm

18. Alfredo Dzhaar

19. Jan Tszechan

20. Wim Delvua

21. Braca Dimitrijevic

22. Atul Dodia

23. Anita Dube

24. Dmitry Gutov

25. Roman Zigner

26. Huang Yong Ping

27. Samuel Cane Kvei

28. Anish Kapoor

29. William Kentridzh

30. Kimsudzha

31. Ronnie Agatoak Kouspi

32. Valery Koshlyakov

33. Yul Krayer

34. Tony Cragg

35. Jean-Jacques Lebel

36. Alexander Lobanov

37. Heinz Mack

38. Esther Mahlangu

39. Dzhambava Marawi

40. Christian Markle

41. Erina Matsui

42. Annette Messager

43. Vic Myunis

44. Doreen Reid Nakamarra

45. Anatoly Osmolovsky

46. Mike Parr

47. Paul Pepperstein

48. Julius Popp

49. Marcus Retts

50. Ravinder Reddy

51. Reynold Reynolds

52. Claude Ryuto

53. Cheri Samba

54. Blue Noses

55. Haim Sokol

56. Wolfgang Tilemans

57. Cyprien Tokudagba

58. Tunga

59. Spencer Tunick

60. Regina Wilson

61. Jean-Olivier Yukle

62. Gloria Friedmann

63. Romuald Hazume

64. Aspassio Haronitaki

65. Fiona Hall

66. Leni Hoffmann

67. Dmitry Tsvetkov

68. Sheba Chachchi

69. Ivan Chuikov

70. Sheri Sherin

71. Chiharu Chiharu Shiota

72. Yinka Shonibare

73. Conrad Shawcross

74. Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lentslinger

75. Jason Shulman

76. Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

77. Copulation Yamaguchi

78. Afghan carpets

Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Commissioner and the artistic director of the Biennale - Joseph Backstein. Exhibition area for the third Moscow Biennale will Bahmetevsky former bus garage (architect K. Melnikov).

agreed to collaborate in the framework of the Biennale gave CAAC (Collection of contemporary African art) and MONA (Museum of ancient and modern times) in Hobart, Australia.

Special guests of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

This fall, the program "special guests of the Biennale" exhibition projects will be presented to the world-renowned artists: Lucas Tyuymansa , Mikhail Grobman , Vladimir Sychev , Vladimir Tarasov, Olga Chernysheva , as well as draft Workshop van Lishaut .

Please note that the alleged draft British sculptor Antony Gormley'Event Horizon »(Antony Gormley, Event Horizon) and the draft Bertrand Lave AFTERMOON (France) and transferred in 2010 under the program "Special guests" Moscow Biennale .

Special Projects Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

program of special projects of the Third Moscow Biennale, in turn, aims to acquaint visitors with the state of contemporary artistic culture in Russia and in the international field of fine art.

The main floor of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - Center of Contemporary Culture "Garage" (st. Obraztsova, 19a).


Monday - Thursday, 11.00-21.00;

Friday - Sunday, 11.00-22:00.

Admission: 100 rubles.

Official website of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art .

Parallel program third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art .

Source: press release third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

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