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Персона недели: Алексей Ваулин
ARTinvestment.RU   04 августа 2020

Алексей Ваулин любит фактуру, цвет, ритм, он исследует пластику мягких форм, для него важно передать движение – «удивительную стихию Изменения, Развития, Эволюции». Художник создает свой мир, наполненный яркими и сильными эмоциями – «душевным экстримом»

"I love Russian avant-garde for daring, for novelty, for ideology. It was a big milestone in twentieth-century art. However, in the twenty-first century abstraction has not lost its status and became more complicated and became immersed in the area of psychological comfort of the modern person. Don't let that innovative direction, however, the plastic methods have not yet been exhausted" (Alexey Vaulin).

In the work Alexey Vaulin, extraordinary, talented Moscow artist's life and creative benchmarks can be traced to the interaction of two of the lines in the art of the Russian realist tradition of non-objective painting. Today, the artist style called abstract expressionism. His works considered to be close to the ideas of the Russian avant-garde. You may recall Malevich, in compositions which geometric objects-знаковые designs exist, as in weightlessness in the space of the canvas. Or Wassily Kandinsky who believed in the spiritual transformation of the world, and the rejection of objectivity in art, in his opinion, should bring a person access to a new level, beyond the visible, objective world. In short, Alexei was famous predecessors.

Russian abstract art of the early twenty-first century develops out of theories, guided by only their own philosophical explanations, and best practices. Creativity Vaulina exists in a state of some self-sufficiency, in his theoretical system. Such universality, sovereignty is a hallmark of abstract Russian painting.

Born Alexey Vaulin in 1974 in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow Academic art school of memory of 1905 (1990-1994) and the State Institute of arts, Department of easel painting (1994-2000). His teachers were I. A. Popov, O. N. Loshakov, A. B. Ishin, I. A., Polienko. Member of the Moscow Union of artists since 2000 Union of artists of Russia since 2001.

of great importance in the formation of the personality of the artist played a homely atmosphere, permeated by the interest in Russian culture and art. This interest is supported Alexei's mother, and together they visited museums, theatres, from childhood he loved books, fond of drawing, sketched in albums, and the decision to become an artist came already then, in the early years. In the period from 1990 to 1994 he studied at the Moscow Academic art school of memory of 1905. Time at the school marked the beginning of the beautiful experiments of artist; the experience helped not only to develop practical skills in oil painting, but to more clearly define their own artistic preferences that go far beyond the interests of a purely figurative painting – in this period felt the desire to abstract forms.

a Vivid, fantasy of the artist – a special color space, in which the author sells his ideas, feelings, emotions. Here is what he says about the creative process: "My day begins with white, a completely blank canvas and every time I wonder the miracle that is happening to me. The miracle of creation from nothingness, from which gradually emerges something meaningful,filled with color, form, emotion. To describe the process of the work impossible, and probably not necessary. I can say one thing: it's perfectly fine to be involved in the act of creation" (Alexey Vaulin).

the Color scheme of work is rather limited, usually present no more than three-четырех colors used black color, which acts as an antagonist, but plays its own role and may be different due to the structure, the width of the stroke. It is no coincidence that the most famous work of the artist has become a "Black diamond", presented at the exhibition "Moscow abstraction" (2003), the State Tretyakov gallery. Alexey Vaulin conducts a dialogue with the work of Kazimir Malevich and his painting "Black square", which is the shaping, color, ideas was close to absolute. The work of Kazimir Malevich brought Alexei Vaulin picturesque to new searches and experiments. Especially for an artist interesting series of works, made only of white color, where the monochrome is perceived much more diverse, richer and whole, rather than multicolored.

Creating your creations, A. Vaulin immersed in the atmosphere of a new reality, which he himself calls supramentalisation: supra – above, mental – thoughts. "This is something that is over the mind" he says.

"the outside world with endless forms and changes – it's fun to watch, but what if the visible world to portray through the lens of abstraction from it. Identify the emotion and look for more abstract forms of transmission of characters in this world. The observation of nature and processing the impressions – this is my study. ... Find balance and harmony where at first sight there is chaos" (Alexey Vaulin, "Silver rain", 2001, oil on canvas, 170х200).

the Titles of his works are narrative, they are an important part of the work, and set direction for the movement of thought of the spectator: "Silver rain" (2000-2002), and "Waterfall of light" (2002), "and the moment" (2002), "Lights of the worlds" (2002), "Magma life" (2013) and others.

the style of the works is not limited to the techniques of abstract language. Artist has his / her private aesthetic idea of reality, which does not claim to inclusiveness. Its purpose is the implementation of images of a particular view of reality, its own perspective, which reveals its specialty. "...I really like the effect of closed eyes when we go after work, close our eyes, and we still see no images, this is some black, but she's not black, and what-то radiance happens, there is no thoughts, what-то emotional state, you get into what-то the void", says the artist.

Alexey Vaulin actively participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad, has become a landmark project in the State Tretyakov gallery ("the Moscow abstraction", 2003), which showed the artist's place in the General outlinethe development of abstract art in Russia.

his Works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), "Gorbachev-Фонда" (Moscow), Moscow Museum of modern art (Moscow), Museum of modern art on Dmitrovskaya (Rostov-на-Дону) Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Panama, Republic of Panama), in the collection of Constantine and Theodore Eluting (Moscow), in private collections in Russia, Spain and the Netherlands.

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